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Why do we embrace mediocrity in relationships? Because we are either so perfection bound or sex is the only value of relationships.

We face obstacles all day long, whether it is the traffic jam on the highway, people at work, delayed and much needed info, our friends, kids etc. We work through these obstacles and can often feel invigorated by championing the challenge. Then why do we pooch out so easily when it comes to relationship obstacles? Why do we give up so easily and why are we not as a result concerned with the idea that about 50% of all marriages won't make 25 years. Why is the work of relationships seemingly so low on the priority list?


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  • Jul 29 2013: I believe the moment you are born you become a narcissist. You cry and mom knows the difference between the poopy diaper cry from the I am hungry cry to the come play with me cry etc. She comes and looks after that need and you think, hey she gets me and she looks after me. Then we develop language and we ask for needs to be met. Next we become a teen where it is definitely all about me...my life, my money etc. Then 2 people who are used to practicing a life all about themselves meet, fall in love and get married. Here there starts a problem because essentially you have two "I's," trying to become an "us." Perhaps marriage will either become the start of the cure for being self-centered (narcissistic) or it will become the battle ground of who will matter or control the most. Marriage can either be a blessing or a curse. It is up to us.
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      Aug 3 2013: As a teen, I was all about our band, our music similarities, our happiness, our goofing off time (party time), my girlfriends I never had an argument with about money :) and I never impressed them with it or went overboard. It was never about money or wine and dine back then that I see so much of around me going on today. It was down to earth honest relationships. I did work but money or that new car was never a focus. Money was more about having the ability to be free sort of speak. Money was for party supplies and props just about for us and who ever didn't have it at the time was taken care of by another for this "freedom". Maybe it was more about our self-centeredness as a group. We were not the "in" crowd that is for sure.

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