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Why do we embrace mediocrity in relationships? Because we are either so perfection bound or sex is the only value of relationships.

We face obstacles all day long, whether it is the traffic jam on the highway, people at work, delayed and much needed info, our friends, kids etc. We work through these obstacles and can often feel invigorated by championing the challenge. Then why do we pooch out so easily when it comes to relationship obstacles? Why do we give up so easily and why are we not as a result concerned with the idea that about 50% of all marriages won't make 25 years. Why is the work of relationships seemingly so low on the priority list?


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    Jul 28 2013: [Continued]
    I'm afraid I can't be very positive on this topic. I am sorry this is the truth through my dreadful experience still. It takes two to make it. AndThat saying"it takes to make it OR break it" is a half truth. It only takes one to break it and this is more than likely the one that will come out ahead, male or female.
    Honestly, when a man walks out it is usually because he makes the mistake of finding another partner that takes him back to the fantasy as Barry points out below on #2. The man don't mind paying for his escape to another "fantasy" at that moment in time. Flip the shoe over though to the opposite sex here and the woman gets everything her way. I refuse to do it, I will eat dirt for the rest of my life if needed dumpster diving. Two wrongs don't make a right. I'm starting to believe that I can not find an honest job because I am in contempt of court on record now, failing or for being forced to pay child support based on a wage I am not earning. Why on earth would I believe money is not evil? Conditioned and enslaved, it doesn't fit my character. This crap has got to go or I will. I'm going hungry, I need help, and I can't stand the monetary system in which this society sees no wrong in because everyone is following their own little mouse tracks in each of their own individual worlds of what it means to be happy regardless of how things are perceived around them (just another rant). On a positive note, being homeless isn't too bad, eh? It's all in perspective as in mind over matter. Just as I once, I believe most of you have no clue of what really goes on and I can perfectly understand why. To know is to experience. Court decides what is best for the kids? Com'on, my ass hurts. That I guess means I have to pay them to see my own kids. I haven't see them but 2 times in 4 months out of court order. Yeah, best 4 them alright. I'm stoned cornered in a room full of haste and ready to leave this country to find belonging, how do I go about doing this?
    • Jul 28 2013: Wow Vincent, I really and truly can feel your pain. You have obviously endured not only the rejection of a wife but also through court and X, a rejection by your kids. It is one thing to lose your spouse and quite another to lose access to your kids. Canadian men also complain about the same legal preferences and find in the end they are voiceless and powerless.This has become another reason for kids who are fatherless. When marriages end not due to violence or excessive control and/or manipulation the marital fight is vicariously continued through the kids. You and your wife were married but the kids are related which is a completely different relationship dynamic. Sadly in the end the pain of divorce is thrust upon the kids.

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