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Why do we embrace mediocrity in relationships? Because we are either so perfection bound or sex is the only value of relationships.

We face obstacles all day long, whether it is the traffic jam on the highway, people at work, delayed and much needed info, our friends, kids etc. We work through these obstacles and can often feel invigorated by championing the challenge. Then why do we pooch out so easily when it comes to relationship obstacles? Why do we give up so easily and why are we not as a result concerned with the idea that about 50% of all marriages won't make 25 years. Why is the work of relationships seemingly so low on the priority list?


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  • Jul 28 2013: Personally, I think the relationship of marriage is complex and hard to define. It has little to do with mediocrity, and more to do with the inability to truly understand each other. That is where the work begins...we must try to 'think' like the other and become one with him/her. It makes it a very interesting adventure if each of the partners are willing to work at that aspect and then walk in that path to 'serve' each other. I have found that communication and the an openness to learn what the needs and desires of your partner is what turns a mediocre marriage into an exciting and vital love affair that will last a lifetime. It's the communication that is the hard part. Often we are too wrapped up in ourselves to really listen and understand.
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      Jul 28 2013: Serve each other is dead on. A two way street. If the other ops out and throws up a brick wall what do you do then? Keep serving them or time to do what is done to you after some time? Give up, was never one of my answers.

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