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Carbon sequestration through carbon fiber and/or Fullerene production and use.

If we could divide C out of CO2 and use it to produce megastructures from conductive diameters of carbon nanotubes, could we not then build or grow a space elevator which would generate energy as it moves through the magnetosphere?
Could we not then use the power generated to divide even more C from CO2 building another and another etc until we had our own ground anchored planetary ring space station?
Would a filament actually generate any power? Would Fullerene be strong enough? How many G's would be experienced on the inside of a ring/ribbon station at that diameter/speed?

I apologize for the disjointed nature of the many things I do not know!

  • Jul 30 2013: The whole project would be completely uneconomical I'm afraid.
    CO2 molecules are a pain to break down, and there are plenty of other, more readily available sources of carbon for any application that requires it.
  • Jul 28 2013: The idea of extracting Carbon out of the air to create something useful (and profitable) seems to me to be one of the few hopes we have to help correct the problem. Carbon tax is not politically feasible, slowing third world growth is not politically feasible. With the gains in bio genetics I thought perhaps a method of using plants or genetically altered plant to convert carbon to block like form (coral rock, bones, firmer woods) would provide a useful product, could produce jobs, and actually work toward reducing carbon in the air.