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Should the federal government spend $684 million on marketing ads for Obamacare?

An article in MSN Money states that the ad barrage is expected to begin before October, when people can sign up for the program. The spots will run across radio, television and social media.

The article states there are about 16% of people living in the US that are without health insurance. Government surveys state that those 16% are unaware of Obamacare and must be informed. If you have radio, TV, or a computer for social media .... you have already heard of Obamacare ...

We see the State Department spending 863 K on favorable votes on facebook and the Health Dept spending 684 Million on Obamacare ads. The purpose of ads are to influence your thoughts, to market, to sell. Is that the job of the government?

Should all laws passed have a attached budget for ad campaigns.

Should the government be involved in ad campaigns at the taxpayers expense?


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    Jul 26 2013: OMG Robert, how could you imply or suggest that AHA is somehow questionable and there may be a waste of public funds in "selling" this program to the American people. I mean how could you imply some improper activity in biggest ponzi scheme since medicare.. Think of the thousands of jobs government will have to provide to enact the 20000 pages of laws, regulations and forms that will require compliance. Think of all those doctors who will either bail out of the business or join into large conglomerates that will allow only 10 minutes per patient for diagnosis and treatment. You didn't even consider all the chronic ailments that will now be given cure by dates. Hey, you got diabetes and you didn't get cured in 90 days, no more insulin for you.
    People have to be told that they can get free flu shots and by the way they got to buy health insurance or pay additional taxes as a punishment for not playing the games. This is not an easy sell. It's going to take a lot of movie stars to get out there and they are expensive..
    Robert.... you are sounding a little like you are not in the game....
    PS, please don't take this personally and get me flagged
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      Jul 26 2013: Mike, I think there is some sarcasm that dripped onto your shirt LOL.

      At 70 I personally like the medical death sentence that awaits me.

      I respond .... not flag.

      Enjoyed your reply. All the best. Bob.
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    • Jul 28 2013: Mike,
      The conglomerates, IMO, can't "get away" with 10 munutes doctor time for each patient because
      1. the Senate just come up with an idea of setting up a "study group" which will stipulate the controlled "price" of doctor's fees by $$ charge per minute on each patient, based on the "average" they see fit for the Obama Care budget.
      2. under the so-called optimal health maintenance program of the ACA, the doctor has to discuss most of the prenventive measure and the healthy habit, such as weight loss, exercises and other unhealthy addictions with each patient to make the patients more healthy. That takes time for the doctors.
      Finally, the ad campaign is just the beginning, the Obama Care also planned to hire large number of "advisors" to "help" the citizens to enroll in the new insurance. There will be 18,000 such advisors in the state of California alone. Furthermore, there will be ad or promoyion by the pro athletes and movie stars on radio and TV. I wonder how much that will cost us.

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