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Should the federal government spend $684 million on marketing ads for Obamacare?

An article in MSN Money states that the ad barrage is expected to begin before October, when people can sign up for the program. The spots will run across radio, television and social media.

The article states there are about 16% of people living in the US that are without health insurance. Government surveys state that those 16% are unaware of Obamacare and must be informed. If you have radio, TV, or a computer for social media .... you have already heard of Obamacare ...

We see the State Department spending 863 K on favorable votes on facebook and the Health Dept spending 684 Million on Obamacare ads. The purpose of ads are to influence your thoughts, to market, to sell. Is that the job of the government?

Should all laws passed have a attached budget for ad campaigns.

Should the government be involved in ad campaigns at the taxpayers expense?


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    Jul 25 2013: The question of how to get information out to people about services available to them is one that governments and other members of the community confront. This is made the more challenging because people have access to and use different sources of information and in some cases have difficulty understanding materials because of language or other impediments.

    We can see that different organizations use different strategies, including billboards, fliers in the mail, and radio spots.

    I cannot guess which strategies are most effective at reaching a diversity of people, but I have to believe this has been thoroughly researched.

    The United Way has a useful program here called Bridge to Basics in which volunteers are trained to assist people who arrive at various designated locations to figure out what sorts of housing, utilities, and health care assistance are available to them.
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      Jul 25 2013: I think that places like "Bridge to Basics" are going to be in high demand. The gov't released a copy of the application (32 pages and 1000 questions) to be completed after you do the state forms, just to see if you are eligible. You will be required to provide information about your employer and all family members much of which is very personal. All information will be processed through a group of federal agencies to validate your answers .... the IRS is primary to see if your tax returns matches your answers.

      The questions are pretty straight forward .... some will take some effort on your part to garner the information required.

      I have not heard of any states that have the applications available yet ... primarily because there are still some questions about minimums.

      I agree that people will need help ... the $684 million could be used setting up a desk at Wal Mart manned by volunteers .... cost almost zero.

      I went to "How to apply for Obamacare" on the web. Lots of info.

      As always thanks for the reply. Bob.
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        Jul 25 2013: Actually if there are really 1000 questions, that will not be straightforward for many people, regardless of what those questions are.

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