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Lets create a new beginning in India. The politicians have played enough... corruption, crime, trading innocent lives for their benefits

When government achieves anything and everything through power and money which is eventually given by citizens and terrorist who manage to threaten a country why cant normal citizen unite and achieve the change which will benefit every citizen a corruption free country... unbiased justice.. a great future.. can the majority of the population the common citizen cant achieve??

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    Jul 26 2013: Hi, W.Seeker,
    Try not to be offended by commenters calling you "an ordinary person like you." Probably it's just thoughtless, not malicious. You sound like an extraordinary person, in that you care deeply about your country and community and are trying to bring positive changes.

    I don't know if it's ever possible to create a new beginning. With very few exceptions, revolutions have usually had unfortunate results. I wonder if India needs to divide into a few smaller states to function well. You've perhaps seen what has happened in Europe and central Asia, where many new states have been created in the past 25 years by dividing larger countries that had too much cultural variation to feel a sense of nation. I think China also will some day face the same problem.

    Politicians are always a problem because they're a type of person who seeks power. Those people are the last who should actually have power. I don't have a road map to solutions, but I do think that "normal citizens" can in fact unite in study groups and associations that point out social and governmental problems and offer alternatives. Probably such groups already exist where you are, perhaps concentrating on the environment or on working conditions or on corruption, etc., A good start for you would be to join such an association, if you haven't already done that.
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    • Jul 26 2013: Hi,

      My thought may be a lengthy process but if everyone thinks this way and if they never start then where will be a beginning. Why cant we change the world humans are capable of doing anything its just they need to unite,focus and share then anything is possible. I don't want to change the way i think i want to change things i want to change the world that's the reason im here.