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I am just a kid but for the past year I have been thinking about one question why are we in Afghanistan?

If someone could just explain to me why we are there I mean i know we are there to train their army but that cannot be the only reason.


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    Jul 26 2013: there is a joke that goes as: drunk man searches for something under a street lamp. policeman asks him: what are you looking for? drunk answers: i lost my keys in those bushes over there. policeman: then why are you searching for it here? drunk: because it is dark there, i can't see a thing.

    there is intel about terrorist hiding there, and operating training camps. it is rather well known that normal military warfare is utterly ineffective against such guerrilla groups, but the US government is unable to adapt, and tries to solve the problem with raw power, throwing more dollars into the bottomless pit of the MIC. which is also a great opportunity for looting.
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      Jul 26 2013: May happen if your drunk but unless your suggesting the US political enterprise is drunk, I fail to see the relevance of the joke.

      And sure the Russians learn't the 'hard way', but then they were playing politics not working on keeping an economy going like the US.

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