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Is society as a whole in an infant, adolescent, or maturing adult stage? Explain and relate to history and current global issues.

As individuals we move through the various stages of life growing in physical, mental, social, and spiritual capacities. Infants, for example, are the centers of their own universe. Adolescents "try on" different lifestyles. Maturing adults move past self-centeredness to help others. Where are we as a society in 2013? Please related your answer to history and current global issues. Thank you.


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    Jul 31 2013: This is a very interesting and ambitious question. To answer, it would mean assuming that the global human ‘society’ has a sense of identity …. (I don’t think that’s the case) May be we’ll get to that global identity when we will have a better view of the universe (most of us) , when we’ll be aware of other global societies and understand our place in the universe. For now we are divided in many societies very heterogenic …so as a ‘global human society’ I would say we are still in a conceptual stage in the uterus and our global body was formed, but not all the parts function yet to serve the unit…no self awareness yet.
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      Jul 31 2013: Thank you Anairda. You are the first to make the observation I was looking for and explain what you mean. One or two others have stated their opinion that there is no global identity but you provided further thought. Thank you again.

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