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Does anyone think that we can have an efficient, peaceful world?

I think it is possible for the population of the internet, which is over 38% of the population of planet Earth, to collectively design and demand a change in the manner that we are governed. We now have the ability to create a new system, by the people, for the people, worldwide.


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  • Jul 28 2013: Never David never.

    As long as the American empire, for example, and others before it, and others after it, continually decide to wage war in what they singularly decide is in their own selfish self interest, and either lie, or get the population to either be so apathetic to whats happening, or believe that "god is on their side".

    So that any killing done in the name of such man made empires, or by the men your told by who say they believe in god and on god's behalf that god will automatically forgive or approves of your killing. In short until people own up to the own guilt, their own complicity, their knowledge that they have been lied to, and they didn't care, that they "just followed orders" or that somehow the enemy was/is subhuman... On the other hand, maybe god will forgive, but maybe only if you can explain why - you believed the words of other men, and forgot the word of god - the commandment "thou shalt not kill".

    We'll never have a chance of a "peaceful world" ever existing, and unfortunately a few thousand years of history proves that to be the case... and an 'internet" based system, is still completely representative of the have's in this world, the ones that have oppressed, the ones that continue to oppress, so why I ask does anyone think that just because the internet exists, that it will change the mindset of those that govern.

    Nor realistically the fact, that with 38%, the minority still rules and forces it's dictates on the rest of us. As I said, and history shows, all you're doing is creating another empire to do the will of man.
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      Jul 29 2013: Yes, but an empire ruled by the people, not a select few. I agree, those who cannot afford the hardware to go online could be left out, but surely, sharing or community provided access could provide input for the poor. I'm sure that an empowered populace would take a great deal of interest in government management issues, and would participate enthusiastically.

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