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Does anyone think that we can have an efficient, peaceful world?

I think it is possible for the population of the internet, which is over 38% of the population of planet Earth, to collectively design and demand a change in the manner that we are governed. We now have the ability to create a new system, by the people, for the people, worldwide.


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  • Jul 26 2013: We can have that but its not that easy it needs a lot of effort,how many of them willing to take that effort. There is all new system has to come in place.. This world is completely corrupted human lives are taken for granted and the politicians make politics out of it.. So how this corrupted system came in to place it was a process and human greed and they achieved it eventually.. so we start everything new from the scratch rebuild the system it may take time but lets join hands lets start it there are millions of like minded people on this earth who would love to see the peaceful world lets join hands together through the web and lets take it forward any volunteers??

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