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Does anyone think that we can have an efficient, peaceful world?

I think it is possible for the population of the internet, which is over 38% of the population of planet Earth, to collectively design and demand a change in the manner that we are governed. We now have the ability to create a new system, by the people, for the people, worldwide.


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  • Jul 26 2013: One requirement I would want for one world rule that brings peace would be a visionary leader who could have forseen the technological and scientific advancements of the last 2,000 years. I believe that this prophecy demonstrates that Jesus is such a person.

    A second requirement I would have is that this person be a "good shepherd" willing to lay his life down for the sheep. Again, Jesus is such a person.

    There may be people who don't believe such a thing is possible. For those I would point them to a second very interesting prophecy Jesus made. "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Some people don't believe there was a Noah, logic would therefore dictate that the end of the age cannot be like the "days of Noah" if there never was a Noah. Yet, Time magazine made the Earth it's "Man of the Year" one year because of the extinctions taking place. Others are creating an "ark" to preserve all species alive. Once again, here is a man who could forsee this end 2,000 years ago. Others could argue that today is nothing like Noah's time. But Jesus didn't say it would be, He said it would be like the "days of Noah". i.e. the day Noah discovered we were heading for a mass extinction, the day Noah decided to build an ark, the day it began to rain, etc.
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      Jul 26 2013: Curious.................suggest you start building an ark to test the truth in your statement............Oh that's right your name ain't Noah, but are you hearing voices perchance?

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      Jul 26 2013: Interesting viewpoint.

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