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Do you believe in Karma? If so, have you truly experienced it?

The term 'Karma' is a one of the many concepts of Indian Religions, nevertheless it has been acknowledged across the world by many, not as a concept of religion, but as a general theme that teaches the power of good 'action' or 'deed'. It can be demonstrated by the phrase 'What goes around comes around'.

I was thought by my parents that if you do good, it will always return to you one day. But seeing the current scenario where people fight over each other for a place, fame, position etc and when you see children and women in some part of the world suffer for no bad they have done, its hard to believe Karma exists. I feel the whole concept of karma has faded in todays competitive world and would like to see a different take on it. It always good to know that 'Karma' exists!!


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    Jul 26 2013: Good question Mohanapriya!
    I believe there is an energy connection between all people, so I believe in the concepts....what goes around comes around.....we reap what we sow.....etc. I believe that what we give out, often comes back to us in various forms.

    I do not believe in the common teaching about karma.....that suffering in this life is a sure sign that we did something bad in a previous life. In my perception, this idea reinforces the idea that suffering is necessary, that those who are suffering were "bad" in another life. I believe this idea keeps people oppressed and controlled, and is not very beneficial to growth and evolution.

    I believe the human life experience is about learning, growth and evolution as an individual, while contributing to the whole. I do not believe that there is a god with a ledger somewhere "out there" who is monitoring our behavior and giving us points and a ticket to heaven or hell. I believe that how we live the human life adventure is a choice based on what we think and feel about our "self", and how we interact with others in our global communities:>)
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        Jul 27 2013: Oh wise one Keith! I love to be right don't you??? Just kidding of course:>)

        I only share my own beliefs, and I also observe that there is very little information "out there" that is new, regarding how to live the human life experience to the fullest! This message keeps coming to us in various forms throughout history from sages, teachers, gurus, philosophers, psychologists, prophets, etc.

        I like the way it is written in your comment...
        ""the best result will come from everyone in the group doing what's best for himself … and the group".

        When we observe nature, we see that all creatures are doing their own thing, and their own thing contributes to the whole. For example, hummingbirds, bees, and bats are feeding themselves AND pollinating at the same time. When we (humans) grow our own food, we are feeding ourselves, AND nurturing the soil and air at the same time. The examples could go on and on......

        When we are aware of the interconnections, we are also aware of the energy of life moving in our world which can be labeled whatever we like. It doesn't matter so much what we call it....the important piece is applying it to our everyday life....in my humble perception.
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        Jul 27 2013: Keith,
        I think/feel it is all part of the whole. We all (male and female) have the ability to be nurturing, caring, and authoritive.....yes?

        What you're saying makes sense to me, and I suggest that perhaps you are not becoming a female in spirit, but rather accepting and embracing the female part of yourself, as I accept and embrace the male part of me.

        That being said, who determined that certain thoughts, feelings and emotions are male or female?
        I suggest that it is very old outdated programming by society? What do you think/feel?
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        Jul 27 2013: Keith,
        Our practices of thinking and feeling may be the difference between conscience and sub-conscience. I also think it may partially come from our societal programming? The roles that have been given to us...boys/men have traditionally been taught to think more and not show too much emotion. While girls/women have been taught and encouraged to express feelings more and be the emotional support of the family.

        I agree that we can constantly take in new information, which might be planted in our conscious or sub-conscious while we are sleeping. I think the mind/brain works out all kinds of things while we are sleeping. Maybe that's where the saying came from......I'll sleep on it! I believe dreams are produced when our subconscious is working some things out. I agree with everything else you have written:>)

        When I awake in the morning, I remember that today is the first day of the rest of my life:>)
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        Jul 27 2013: Fun.....I LOVE to explore, delve, build on conversations, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and perceptions......thank you....yes I feel it, and it's comin' back at ya:>)

        EDIT......OH.....it's KARMA!!!
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        Jul 27 2013: OK...that works for me because it's a beautiful day today, and I'm popping in and out of the gardens:>)
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        Jul 27 2013: Keith, it sure would have been nice if you had posted this link in my conversation on teacher appreciation......thank you for sharing it.

        EDIT......just realized you posted it a couple of days ago.....in any case, thank you so much, really nice collection of thoughts from some great thinkers, oh, and nice music too.
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        Jul 28 2013: Keith, thank you for sharing the name of the artist....I will look her up.

        I'll have to visit your site and see what you're up to.
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        Jul 29 2013: Keith,
        Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I didn't spend too much time wondering about what you think, because I've read many of your comments, and think/feel I had a pretty good idea:>)

        I just checked out your links.....it seems that you and I have similar collections of quotes, and I AM part of peopletown. One of my life philosophies is...if I'm not part of the solution, I'm part of the problem, so I try to be part of the solution as much as possible:>)
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        Jul 29 2013: I kinda got that Keith.....that you were asking about working on the site itself:>)

        Honestly, I would do MUCH better with actually building a town....I have more carpenter skills than technical/computer skills! Wordpress......Weebly......all foreign language to me! Give me some wood, a hammer, some nails, a drill, pliers, wrench, straight and phillips screwdrivers and I'm good!!! LOL:>)

        I am really technically challenged my friend, so I'm not sure how I could be of service with your project:>(
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        Jul 30 2013: Keith, had I lived in her country, I'd have had Colleen in any project, computer or carpentry without a second thought. I really don't care if she is conversant with web designing - she is way too wise to be restricted to a chair.

        Problem is it will be difficult for me to compensate her in terms of money, unless she herself finds ways to ensure that too :)
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          Jul 31 2013: Thank you for your kind words Pabitra. I do not share information for money, but rather for the love of sharing information:>)
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        Jul 31 2013: Thank you also Keith, for your very kind words and feedback. Ok...we'll talk:>)
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      Jul 29 2013: Disagree. (I'm back).
      Read my comment and "just-world fallacy" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-world_hypothesis).
      How are you? :D
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        Jul 29 2013: Hi Bernard.....welcome back.....missed you...I'm good thanks. What are you disagreeing with? Everything in the comment you are replying to? Everything in this thread? Please provide a little more information?
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          Jul 29 2013: Sorry! XD
          Specifically this : "what goes around comes around.....we reap what we sow".
          Otherwise I agree mostly (e.g : "do not believe in the common teaching about karma" "human life experience is about learning, growth and evolution as an individual, while contributing to the whole"). On a side note how does the latter concept relate to Karma?
          Sorry should have been more specific.
          Kind regards (as always),
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        Jul 31 2013: Hi Bernard:>)
        You don't believe in what goes around comes around, or we reap what we sow?

        You ask...how does this statement/concept relate to Karma?...."human life experience is about learning, growth and evolution as an individual, while contributing to the whole."

        It seems that in most beliefs about Karma, it is perceived that the human life experience is about learning, and with each life experience (if one believes in reincarnation) we have an opportunity to learn and improve our "karmic" footprint/life print.....whatever you choose to call it:>)
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          Aug 1 2013: Interesting (as always).
          No, unfortunatley I do not believe in "what goes around comes around, or we reap what we sow". Mainly due to seeing the opposite so much in my life (and being told about it in other people's life).
          Oh. I can agree with Karma if it is about learning, and from learning improving your Karma Footprint. (If that is being consistent, :P).
          Kind regards,
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        Jul 31 2013: Keith,
        I suggest that after this life, "we".....a human being, as we know ourselves in this form, is no longer the same. The body is recycled back into the earth, and the energy recycles to another form. I agree...energy cannot be created or destroyed....it changes form.

        So, I do not agree that the energy "tags along". To me, that suggests that we still have the same form, and my experience with an NDE/OBE tells me differently. I experienced my "self" as energy, and I believe that after the body dies, we return to the universal energy "grid", for lack of a better term:>)

        No thanks, I don't need to debate the chick/egg question:>)
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        Aug 1 2013: It's ok Bernard, our world would not seem as interesting if we all believed the same things...in my humble perception:>)

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