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Do you believe in Karma? If so, have you truly experienced it?

The term 'Karma' is a one of the many concepts of Indian Religions, nevertheless it has been acknowledged across the world by many, not as a concept of religion, but as a general theme that teaches the power of good 'action' or 'deed'. It can be demonstrated by the phrase 'What goes around comes around'.

I was thought by my parents that if you do good, it will always return to you one day. But seeing the current scenario where people fight over each other for a place, fame, position etc and when you see children and women in some part of the world suffer for no bad they have done, its hard to believe Karma exists. I feel the whole concept of karma has faded in todays competitive world and would like to see a different take on it. It always good to know that 'Karma' exists!!


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    Jul 27 2013: Karma is one of the most misused or misinterpreted concept that exist.

    It has to do with dharma, to care for your state of being. Being into harmony inside and with family and society by practicing admiration for life and nature. This installs a wellbeing that radiate to enlighten the world. The more this state is disrupted mostly caused by the emotions of ego that are always fear based and mind directed, the more things will obstruct your life and erode all meaning to it.

    Nothing to do with miserable circumstances that we people create for each other.

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