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How honest should we be in relationships?

According to Dan Ariely's book, a little bit of lying is normal for us as human beings. Pamela Meyer says we are lied to between 10-200 times per day.

Yet honesty in relationships is the basis of intimacy, trust, and closeness. Should we strive for full honesty with our partners, or is it unattainable or undesirable?


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    Jul 29 2013: We all agree that honesty is important to a relationship. But 100% honesty, in my personal view, is quite unattainable and not necessary. Because complete honesty means sharing and exposing everything right. But then in a relationship, you should always keep some secrets left for yourselves so that the partner still retain the interests in discovering you, and seeing everyday a new aspect that he or she hasn't known before.

    There is a saying that "in love, it is always better to know and get hurt than be comforted with a lie."

    We can't really blame people for lying because sometimes people do have good intentions for lying. The thing is that the good intention is often easily taken as bad because of general assumption which we do all the times, or due to our different perception. Sometimes one person's happiness under another person's eyes is considered as misfortune.

    By the way, lies are not that bad. You have heard of a white lie, beautiful lie but what is the first adjective you can think of to describe truth? I think the most common one is the ugly truth.

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