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How honest should we be in relationships?

According to Dan Ariely's book, a little bit of lying is normal for us as human beings. Pamela Meyer says we are lied to between 10-200 times per day.

Yet honesty in relationships is the basis of intimacy, trust, and closeness. Should we strive for full honesty with our partners, or is it unattainable or undesirable?


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  • Jul 26 2013: Frank, you make a good point. If you're "just being honest" with someone to hurt or insult them, it doesn't serve the relationship.

    Hi Deepak, I think it's wonderful when you have a partnership where both people are honest with each other - and they know it. It gets rid of all the worries and suspicions and second-guessing.

    If any of you are interested in being more honest with your partner, check out the Honesty Experiment for Couples: http://honestyexperiment.com/

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