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How can we as the TED Community/post contributors better utilise previous closed conversations & their ideas worth spreading?

On a recent (Do jails rehabilitate?) I posted, it came to light that many other conversations had much the same theme. Furthermore it then became apparent to me that there would be a lot of duplication/overlap and that what we effectively have is, a conversational recycling centre/center....without the benefits one usually associates for society from recycling.

If the vision of TED is for "Ideas worth spreading", then how can this translate into those stashed/stored/closed conversations being incorporated so that an idea is consistently refined via the new live posts.

If society is to grow, then the TED environment may well provide a very effective conduit for societal change, by way of idea development, then public/government integration/introduction to the refined idea.

In Democratic Countries, people can sign petitions supporting ideas (worth spreading) and goverment representatives can run their election campaigns on the back of committing to deliver them if they are not yet an elected public representative, or if already a representative because they agree with the idea too.

With the support of YOU as a part of the TED Community and your advice on how the above may be best achieved, my aspiration is that TED will then adopt the strategies and we will have even BETTER Ideas that will be really worth spreading into society at large in a very influential and positive way for the future of our planet.

Of course, if there are already exactly the same posts stashed/closed can you provide me the link? : D


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    Aug 1 2013: Well said Alexander! I do hope that the inputs here are not futile and lost somewhere in the repositories of archived closed conversations!

    If there was a suggestion box here on TED, I'd like to suggest that they aren't but then how is any of this effected, via what channels/board of Directors etc.....I know that TED monitors/reads transcripts here, that is why some posts are deleted, just not sure whether they need to be initiated tho by someone flagging it first to let TED know of the situation.

    In this case then I don't know if (normal) conversations are even looked at by TED! Maybe some other community member out there knows some of these answers! : D
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      Aug 1 2013: If I understand your question, I think it depends on what you mean by "looked at by TED." TED has many participants, both staff and volunteer, who make things work. I know all posts on the talks are read and I would guess that someone, but not the same person, at least skims each post in Conversations.

      I think some conversations probably generate more interest among TED staff than others and are watched more closely than others.
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        Aug 2 2013: Thanks Fritzie for providing some guidance, I am now at least somewhat assured that conversations (unflagged/normal ones) are at least seen by some TED representative particularly when the subject material relates directly to the TED medium! Glad to hear it doesn't just upload to the closed conversation ether into obscurity....which I had til now considered as a possibility! : D

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