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How can we as the TED Community/post contributors better utilise previous closed conversations & their ideas worth spreading?

On a recent (Do jails rehabilitate?) I posted, it came to light that many other conversations had much the same theme. Furthermore it then became apparent to me that there would be a lot of duplication/overlap and that what we effectively have is, a conversational recycling centre/center....without the benefits one usually associates for society from recycling.

If the vision of TED is for "Ideas worth spreading", then how can this translate into those stashed/stored/closed conversations being incorporated so that an idea is consistently refined via the new live posts.

If society is to grow, then the TED environment may well provide a very effective conduit for societal change, by way of idea development, then public/government integration/introduction to the refined idea.

In Democratic Countries, people can sign petitions supporting ideas (worth spreading) and goverment representatives can run their election campaigns on the back of committing to deliver them if they are not yet an elected public representative, or if already a representative because they agree with the idea too.

With the support of YOU as a part of the TED Community and your advice on how the above may be best achieved, my aspiration is that TED will then adopt the strategies and we will have even BETTER Ideas that will be really worth spreading into society at large in a very influential and positive way for the future of our planet.

Of course, if there are already exactly the same posts stashed/closed can you provide me the link? : D


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    Jul 29 2013: Thankyou everyone for your contributions. I do appreciate also the quality of the answers too. I think you all have touched on what is to me, essentially all the key points.

    I very much like your idea Robert of the TEDwiki concept. To me that makes alot of sense.

    We do have people here, for example, Krisztian, who are TED translators and so along these lines could perhaps be another accreditation for a TEDwiki contributor!

    I also appreciate what Fritzie had to say with respect to the live here and now banter people get from participating in the now conversations.

    Deepak's thought for being able to reactivate a conversation was interesting too for if someone was interested in the topic, it could be assumed that they had something to add to it, rather than setting up the reduplication process inherrent in establishing a new post conversation on the subject.

    In reply to your query, Fritzie, as to whether I search the popular topics section, no I must say I haven't. Generally I will search the live conversation choices or hover over recent commenters to see what interests me and then I will just check it out and comment too if I feel I have something to add. Also I have started some conversations too.

    My considerations in initiating this post had more to do with utilising what to me, was an opportunity to value add via the TED medium.

    What is currently here is great, tho I would like to see an extra quiver in the bow and establish a way to be able to refine those popular posts with the view that they could then be filtered and made reality in society.

    To this end I think Robert's concept has plenty of merit and would like to hear more about it and thoughts others have about it too! : D

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