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This talk is about VEGANS. Why do people close themselves to our beliefs and ideas?Do we need to be more radiant and impressive in our ways?

This question might be helpful to many fellow vegans out there who face similar situations on a daily basis. I've noticed many people, even our closed ones becoming very defensive and closed to this topic. Most cases we do not consciously impose or expect them to change/react/do something about what we say, but it is merely an opinion we state, when asked, why we do not eat/do/consume certain food/product. I want us to explore and share ideas, if there are better ways we can express ourselves, without assaulting the other person's character. Most of the time we don't intend to do it, but it turns out they take it personal. Also, I want to know if there can be more charming and radiant ways to say the same? Because we all know it is a contentious topics, and vegans are always convinced about their stand and will never compromise.


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  • Aug 20 2013: As a long time meat eater, more recently vegetarian, and even more recently vegan I have a lot of thoughts on this topic. There is no denying I would do anything to convert just one person. I have lived a selfish life, but I am sure this desire is not a selfish one, other than, if the world was a better place it will make me happier. As a relatively recent convert, I know that the most persuasive people in my journey were those somehow happy in their own skin, not pushy, but with an obvious passionate sense of what is right. To current meat eaters out there I ask you to be sympathetic to my dilemma. If you can just imagine what it is like for a moment. If it helps, imagine yourself in the times when black slavery was mainstream and generally accepted. Imagine that somehow with all this acceptance, you realized how wrong it was before most people around you. Friends would get annoyed when you said things . Some would say to you, "I know its not very nice, but its na├»ve to think it could be changed, when it is so much part of our economy and way of life". This is how I and probably many other vegans out there are feeling today. You may think it is crazy to care about our fellow animals so much, but just try to walk in my shoes for a minute before being too critical about our comments. One final statistic which might help, In the USA today 300 animals are slaughtered every second. That's 180 million every week. Please sympathize with the pain this causes someone who genuinely respects these victims. I can't just smile and say each to his own but I do want to keep living.

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