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This talk is about VEGANS. Why do people close themselves to our beliefs and ideas?Do we need to be more radiant and impressive in our ways?

This question might be helpful to many fellow vegans out there who face similar situations on a daily basis. I've noticed many people, even our closed ones becoming very defensive and closed to this topic. Most cases we do not consciously impose or expect them to change/react/do something about what we say, but it is merely an opinion we state, when asked, why we do not eat/do/consume certain food/product. I want us to explore and share ideas, if there are better ways we can express ourselves, without assaulting the other person's character. Most of the time we don't intend to do it, but it turns out they take it personal. Also, I want to know if there can be more charming and radiant ways to say the same? Because we all know it is a contentious topics, and vegans are always convinced about their stand and will never compromise.


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    Aug 11 2013: I don't like this "everyone can choose what they eat"-sentence and that everyone has to respect the choice.
    I think it's wrong. When I started to hunt humans to eat them, would you respect my choice? Would it be okay if I catch some humans and cage them up, force-feed them, etc.?
    If you say no, why aren't you eating less meat for environmental reasons? Or because of the fact that the export of chicken-remnants harm people in poorer countries? I'm no dogmatic vegan, I would want humans to benefit from animals, even eat them, if their interest to live is more valuable than the interest of the animal not to suffer.

    I feel very sad when I see other people eating meat. For me, it's disgusting. Non-vegans will have a hard time to understand this, but I sometimes feel as connected to animals as to humans. Maybe petowners understand. They are beautiful creatures and I am sad that I know so few of them. Most people are boring, but you could pet a lot of animals if you met them. How many people can you "pet" or hug? :D
    If you are vegan for ethical reasons, you can't respect that choice, you don't accept it, but you often tolerate it.

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