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This talk is about VEGANS. Why do people close themselves to our beliefs and ideas?Do we need to be more radiant and impressive in our ways?

This question might be helpful to many fellow vegans out there who face similar situations on a daily basis. I've noticed many people, even our closed ones becoming very defensive and closed to this topic. Most cases we do not consciously impose or expect them to change/react/do something about what we say, but it is merely an opinion we state, when asked, why we do not eat/do/consume certain food/product. I want us to explore and share ideas, if there are better ways we can express ourselves, without assaulting the other person's character. Most of the time we don't intend to do it, but it turns out they take it personal. Also, I want to know if there can be more charming and radiant ways to say the same? Because we all know it is a contentious topics, and vegans are always convinced about their stand and will never compromise.


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    Jul 27 2013: That is the point.. Only other vegans need to understand what you mean. Non vegans don't care. Your choices are your choices and I for one am happy that you have choices. But, I don't care about your choices, your choices are your choices and not mine. That is what you need to convince other vegans to understand. Enjoy your vegan dishes and I'll enjoy mine. No need for comment or discussion.
    • Jul 30 2013: Thank you for your feedback :) Yes, sometimes I feel we create a sense of rebellion in people because we tend to preach veganism way too much, to few people who don't really care. :)

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