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This talk is about VEGANS. Why do people close themselves to our beliefs and ideas?Do we need to be more radiant and impressive in our ways?

This question might be helpful to many fellow vegans out there who face similar situations on a daily basis. I've noticed many people, even our closed ones becoming very defensive and closed to this topic. Most cases we do not consciously impose or expect them to change/react/do something about what we say, but it is merely an opinion we state, when asked, why we do not eat/do/consume certain food/product. I want us to explore and share ideas, if there are better ways we can express ourselves, without assaulting the other person's character. Most of the time we don't intend to do it, but it turns out they take it personal. Also, I want to know if there can be more charming and radiant ways to say the same? Because we all know it is a contentious topics, and vegans are always convinced about their stand and will never compromise.


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  • Jul 25 2013: Why do you have a need to make other people into vegans in the first place? Why not just take your own choice and live it and let others make their own? The only true way to "convert" anyone is through your own example, that is enough.
    • Jul 26 2013: Thank you for your views. No, I don't find the need to convert anyone. Its when people ask me why and I go on rambling about certain things that changed my belief, I end up sounding rude(I guess:P) and they become all closed and defensive and the conversation becomes contentious. Hopefully, I will set a good example. :)
      Hence, I keep thinking isn't there a nicer way to do this. For a long time, I chose to remain silent and I don't go around telling I'm a vegan, but its when someone asks me or I express my reluctance to it, when needed. They always end up feeling offended, as if I'm character assassinating and pointing out that they are cruel...
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        Jul 26 2013: Aarthi,
        There is a balance between remaining silent and trying to push your beliefs onto others. If people are offended with YOUR choice of food, that is their issue.....not yours. If people ask you for information, then choose to be offended, that is their issue. There are many ways to deliver the same information, and perhaps you can explore various ways of expressing what you want to share, while also respecting and understanding that we all make our own choices?
        • Jul 26 2013: Sometimes, it is difficult to let go because those are our dear ones and they matter. That is when I thought, there must be so many who would face similar issues on a daily basis. How do they bring the balance.
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        Jul 26 2013: You might ask yourself whether you tend to get into these sorts of interactions in which others become offended only when the subject is eating choices or in other areas as well. How to express your position solidly without the other person's taking offense is a useful life skill.
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        Jul 26 2013: Aarthi,
        You ask...
        "How do they bring the balance".

        You make a good point with your observation that sometimes it is people who are dear to us and they matter. We sometimes discover something that works really well for us, and we want to share the idea with those we love......yes? We want them to have the same good experience that we are having?

        For me, the balance, is in believing and trusting that the ones we love can make their own choices. We can provide information in a loving, caring way, regarding what we have discovered for ourselves, and the best way to show our love for someone, is to trust that s/he will make the decision that is best for him/herself. Make any sense?

        Trying to force our beliefs onto another person usually does not work well, because I think/feel that on a deep level, people want to make their own decisions.....just like you made a decision for yourself:>)

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