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This talk is about VEGANS. Why do people close themselves to our beliefs and ideas?Do we need to be more radiant and impressive in our ways?

This question might be helpful to many fellow vegans out there who face similar situations on a daily basis. I've noticed many people, even our closed ones becoming very defensive and closed to this topic. Most cases we do not consciously impose or expect them to change/react/do something about what we say, but it is merely an opinion we state, when asked, why we do not eat/do/consume certain food/product. I want us to explore and share ideas, if there are better ways we can express ourselves, without assaulting the other person's character. Most of the time we don't intend to do it, but it turns out they take it personal. Also, I want to know if there can be more charming and radiant ways to say the same? Because we all know it is a contentious topics, and vegans are always convinced about their stand and will never compromise.


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    Jul 26 2013: Aarthi,
    What individuals choose to eat does not have to be a contentious topic. Consider what you wrote.......
    " vegans are always convinced about their stand and will never compromise".

    I respect YOUR choice for whatever reason you make that choice. I have lots of friends who make many different choices regarding what they/we eat, and it is ok with me. Why are some people so convinced that they are "right", and why do they need to try to convince others that they are "right"?
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      Jul 26 2013: Hello, Colleen. I suspect the reason is that they have a tenuous grasp on their own reality and feel that if others believe what they do, their reality will be more secure. That said, it is difficult to restrain ourselves from sharing good news. It's difficult to be quiet about avoidable suffering due to lifestyle choices. I have found that preaching does not work, unless people have gathered to hear you speak. I think that if people admire you, they will emulate you.
      • Jul 26 2013: @David Hubbard - Thank you once again sir. We should all carry this message home "If people admire you, they will emulate you". So, we must all try to be kind in our ways, respecting others' personal choices. This way we can make a better difference than sounding arrogant and confident about our choices.
        Like you mentioned, I guess it is difficult to know that there is a greener way to live and there are people living it, and when we are questioned, we tend to pounce with all the gathered information about our choice. So being mindful and selective is necessary.
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        Jul 26 2013: I agree David, that people often have a tenuous grasp on their own reality and it may feel better when others believe what they do....their reality may feel more secure.

        What appears to be "good news" to you as an individual, may not be "good news" to someone else, and in my perception, it is important to respect other's thoughts, feelings and the choices they make for themselves, IF those choices are not adversely impacting other people. I agree...preaching does not work well.
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          Jul 26 2013: Thanks for that, Colleen. You respect for others is evident in all your postings that I have seen. A pleasant attitude may just be the best medicine and that must surely be the reward for granting beingness to others as you do

          For myself, I choose to live long and prosper and I find that diet choices play a role for me. I have seen close relative grow sick and die due to wrong input choices and it is a great temptation to intervene. But as you say, preaching does not work. In in fact, it drives people away. Example is the only thing that works.
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        Jul 26 2013: Thank you for the feedback David.....much appreciated:>)

        I also believe that diet choices are VERY important, which is why I eat primarily out of my garden:>)

        We have probably all observed people who could improve their health with a more nutritional diet.....we are what we eat? However, I KNOW that I have no control regarding what a person chooses to put in his/her mouth. When more people understand that what we eat fuels the body, and often drastically impacts the kind of life experience we have, more people may make better choices. I agree...teaching and encouraging by example is usually the most successful:>)

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