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What does it mean to be globally aware and why is it important?

In one of of the school programs I attended to last year, I was asked what it means to be globally aware and its importance. The question seemed to be quite easy, but I could not come up with a great answer. Trying to think of the best examples of being globally aware, I was lost.

TED is one of the most global communities out there and I believe it can help me understand the meaning and importance of global awareness.


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  • Aug 2 2013: ...we must be globally aware to represent ourselves as intellectual, knowledgeable and well connected person...different knowledge facilitate myself to connect with people from other geographies...

    ...but this is half true...

    ...more I learned less difference I found...people are different from vocal language, dresses, cultures, philosophies or festivals...but are more connected and similar as human, as purpose...happiness and relations are the pursuit of everyone...recognition and insecurities are the driving forces...

    ....we must be globally aware to understand that we all humans live, believe and grow with same purposes; we are neither above or beneath anybody; but at different stages of awareness...different level of conscience...

    ...contribute to this awareness and oneness to stay aware blissfully, happily and freely...

    With regards

    Manish Kumar Aggarwal
    The Mindfood Chef
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      Aug 2 2013: couldn't it be as simple as global aware also affect our well being too? I mean both mentally and physically of course.

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