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Is there anyone who wants to add my skype ID? Then we can share any interesting things

I'm just thinking if I can have some friends on line who can share any interesing or meaningful things with each other.I'm Chinese and I am going to teach English after my graduation.I feel that learning a foreign language is not an easy thing because it involves so much.We,of course,can't learn it well only focusing on our text book and sitting in the classroom.I want to give my future students lively class and get them to really enjoy what they learn.To widen their horizon and rich their lives.
So I'm wondering when I have to teach my students something if I can give them some authentic materials other than the teaching materials.
Once I have a topic to teach them,may I have some opportunities to get some materials like personal video or other written article from those native speakers or others.
If you like pls add my skype :annayang618 and we can learn from each other too.

  • Jul 25 2013: Hi,D
    Tks for your reply.
    I really like TED conversation beacuse it give me the opportunity to get people to notice me and share their ideas with me.

    I like the topic of health.:)
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    Jul 25 2013: Anna, there is another teacher from China on TED.
    I think she would be very interested in your idea.
    Her TED name is Edulover Learner.

    I just wrote her to let her know of your conversation.

    Hope you are able to help each other Anna!!!

    All the best,
    • Jul 25 2013: Hi,Mary!
      Thank you for your kindness. :)

      Is there any online group,i mean people from all over the world,they talk or chat with each other,that I can join to know more about different aspects of the people,the culture etc.
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        Jul 25 2013: I think Edulover Learner will be able to answer that for you.

        The only online community I participate in is TED.

        I really do not know where to even begin to help you.
        I'm so sorry.

        But hey, you're practicing your English here right?

        And we are all from different parts of the world.

        So that's a start!!
        • Jul 25 2013: Yes.I think TED is also a great community where we can make friends,interact with each other.
    • Jul 26 2013: Hi Mary M.and Anna Yang:)Thanks for the messages to me.Hehehhe...Yes,I am a teacher in China.I am trying to improve my english learning from Internet.I teach Computer Science at middle school.To be honest,I am not very confident on my spoken english.Sorry,Anna Yang,I guess you like to get more chance to talk to native english speakers:)

      In China.there are lots of websites for english learners to talk to each other:For an example,GuaGua,YY,UC all there are lots of english chatrooms there free for people to talk to each other in english there.Some of websites there are volunteer teachers teaching english there.If you have any problem to login those websites,just let me know,I will try to help you.At least I majored in Computer Education:).Good Luck.

      Thanks again Mary M.