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Could you apply Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid to societies and nations?

From the beginning of the human species', we started in small tribes with the main goals of maslows pyramid. Survival was the main concern, food, living, sickness.

Eventually as societies could find ways to do this they grew and started the next level, safety. This was where the start of leadership began along with laws and wars.

I really don't know what comes next, because I live in america, so I ask these questions: What does a self accepting society, multi-society accepting, self actualized, and a self transcended society look like?

Is this a full pyramid that needs one level to get to the next? Does the base of the pyramid's percentage of satisfied in a society govern the 100% comparison to the next level? (in other words if 96% are happy physically then 96% is the 100% for the next level which shapes it like a pyramid). What is the percentage of the population needed to move a society to the next level?

Lastly, does the percentage of a society hitting a level in the pyramid directly affect one of its citizens chances and percent of hitting that or the next level?

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    Jul 25 2013: Is it not already ?
    Don't we see in our societies and countries how the bottom people are struggling just to fulfill basic biological need while few others spending millions to get social approval and or self actualization ?
    Look into the wealth distribution of most countries , it forms a pyramid and then super impose Maslow's need hierarchy ,it will be visible how relevant it is.
  • Jul 26 2013: I do not think Maslow's hierarchy works for nations. Look at North Korea, the people are starving but it is not affecting the people in power.
    • Jul 28 2013: I think it does because its collectivity of the nation in general. People and people in power both make up the overall nation which would make it a percentage. If the majority is struggling with the first level then it would reflect in the wellbeing of the nation in collection as a whole, which it does.
      • Jul 28 2013: the point of Maslow's hierarchy is to understand human motivation. If we are applying the hierarchy to nations, then it is also to understand nations motivation. North Korea is spending a huge portion (it is a guess since they do not publish their budget) while the country is starving and do not have shelter.

        If the hierarchy is right for a nation, the majority of the budget should be spent on food, food production, shelter.
        • Jul 28 2013: Perhaps the government doesn't reach the self actualized or self esteem level with itself or other nations so they won't have the motivation or self transcendence for their country? The government being a separate entity of course. The government as its own power might not feel like a supreme powering nation where that is the self esteem motivation of this group. Just a thought. I'm not an expert haha
  • Jul 25 2013: For starters,
    the pyramid is upside down.
  • Jul 25 2013: Not a bad idea. But basically there seem to be some people who will always get in the way through their greed.