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What do you think is the purpose of humanity?

I know this is a big question but don' t let your ego put you off. Everyone is a full member of humanity and is equally qualified, to answer this question. How does humanity need to grow and how to you want to grow. How does this contribute to the purpose of humanity?


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    Jul 26 2013: In certain situations, I don't believe in the existence of a pre-defined purpose. This happens to be one of those situations for me. Although, I suppose if we approach this from an evolutionary regard, then the sole purpose of humanity would be to reproduce, I guess (haha).

    Otherwise, I think a purpose is something that is individually defined amongst each of ourselves, and then applied to the larger direction in which humanity is sought to evolve wholly. Technology, media, business etc. are all things a lot of us seek to contribute to as individuals, and these are also things that society and humanity at large is comprised of today. So to me, our actions, beliefs, values and such constitute to what we see as the overall "purpose" of humanity — and of course, that is subjective and hence dependent on our majority.

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