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Is Google a monopoly? Should its power be limited?

Google monetizes and controls who sees what on the internet.

Do they have too much power?

Will Google abuse their power?

Who should control the internet: Google, governments, those who produce content or users?

How should the internet be monitored and regulated to benefit humanity?

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    Jul 29 2013: Eventually.
    For now they're the only company that has a lot of sway and is for the most part, willing to fight for some freedoms.
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    Jul 27 2013: I just saw the movie "The Internship". I learned a lot including that Google is devoted to the betterment of Mankind and has nothing but our best interests in mind. I feel better now and think Google should be left alone to do whatever they think is best for the Earth. Time for my meds.
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    Jul 26 2013: Well first of all what do you mean by "control"? In my opinion the internet shouldn't be controlled or Regulated at all. Google is an enormous company with a lot of power and influence like many other big corporations around the world. I don't know what you mean by who sees what but they do have adds that are usually based on your search history, emails, social media activities. When you search something on Google it usually displays it by popularity and I don't think that is a problem for anyone. However, i do agree with you that Google has too much power. They gather too much info from everything, I don't feel comfortable knowing that a Google server is reading my email searching for keywords or looking at my browsing history, and it doesnt stop there! With Google Latitude on my phone they know where I am, and due to the location sharing of Android phones they know where you are at any moment and where you visit. This is the same data that is used by Google Now to determine your work and home locations. Overall most of these services are to add to the Google user experience, but I can see where it would get dangerous. At some point they will be changing prices of products maybe based on how popular they are for you judging by your history and other things. (I think Amazon already does that) But no I don't think Google should be regulated, specially not by the government. But I do agree that something should monitor their activities, the best choice is obviously the government but unfortunately they are hand in hand in this one together.
  • Jul 25 2013: Any power is acceptable,as long as been conducted by multi-respected, a word,with good-quality of education.
  • Jul 25 2013: Brian French,
    No. Google is not a monopoly.

    Whatever power it has, it has earned by providing the best services.

    Google has competitors that should be able to retard abuses.

    Users should control the Internet.
    ..But there are several different Internets. China, Iran, Tunisia, and the US and EU States.
    Each have several internal internets for government's to use and for secret data collection.

    In the US today, the Congress renewed the National Security Agency's mandate
    to continue secret surveillances upon US citizens and citizens of foreign nations.
    The vote 217 to 214 in favor of passage.

    Terrorists have the President and Congress running scared at the moment.
    After the Congress appropriates more $x,xxxx,xxx.xx Black Budgets,
    someone may grow a lick of sense.

    Humanity will benefit best when the geographical Governments butt-out
    and let the citizens of the world use their Internet without regulation and
    without secret surveillances.
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    Jul 25 2013: Google is just another candidate for 'to big to fail' ... are we going to learn our lessons?

    'Do they have too much power?'

    By stressing the phrases 'knowledge is power' and 'money is power', I think Google became to powerful already as it has both, almost globally, and as a single private company.

    'Will Google abuse their power?'

    They do already, by collecting user data, connecting them, using them and to deliver them to secret agencies on request.

    'Who should control the internet: ...'

    No one!

    'How should the internet be monitored and regulated to benefit humanity?'

    Monitoring and regulation is no necessity for humanity to take place. In fact, it is known to cause the opposite.
    • Jul 25 2013: Lejan . 30+ a personal thumbs up.

      Maybe I lost the ball game today with the Congress approval of the NSA practices.
      But 3 votes margin isn't so bad.