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Does Immigration Help or Hurt a Country?

For hundreds of years immigrants have been viewed with suspicion and concern.

Do immigrants make a country more prosperous and diverse or does it drag it down?

Sound off. Try to support your position with evidence.


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  • Jul 27 2013: Well ! I think it hurts the country.People who escape from their mother land do not help their country to develop for a better futur.However this is due to reasons.I always ask immigrants what's the reason why of this escaping.They just answer me that the country doesn't help them out to realise what they want or to make their life better and safe.Moreover they are fed up with lies and vows of the government that's why they think they will find happiness and a true futur aboard.To sum up the conditions of living push people to leave.this is in one hand , in the other hand. People are obliged to immigrate to WORK ! I know people from Germany , danmark who immigrated to France , Italy simply because they found a job there.After all immigration does not push a country to rise and to prosper

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