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Does Immigration Help or Hurt a Country?

For hundreds of years immigrants have been viewed with suspicion and concern.

Do immigrants make a country more prosperous and diverse or does it drag it down?

Sound off. Try to support your position with evidence.


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    Jul 25 2013: Here is how I would do it...

    I would create huge enterprise zones that would employ new immigrants. I wold pick a state like Wyoming which was sparsely populated and had large govt. land holdings. Then I would talk to Apple and find out what they would need as far as wage concessions to manufacture in the US.

    Immigrants would be exempt from minimum wage laws. Tax Apples foreign workers to level the playing field.
    US workers will most likely get the more skilled middle management, plant construction and spin off jobs (local restaurants, gas stations etc).

    Let Apple and Wall Street use some of their capital to put in the schools and plumbing.

    Suck it up as far as the short term challenges and expense. The payoffs are 15 to 50 years down the line.

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