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WHAT was the most startling paradigm shift you ever had?

A paradigm shift is a change in one's perspective. The parents in this video had one after they noticed their son was looking at them and not at the object they held- this changed their perspective and they saw him differently.
For a great example http://www.hecr.tifr.res.in/~bsn/GOOD/paradigm-shift.txt


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  • Jul 25 2013: Dear TEDies,
    Whoa! So many deep and heartfelt comments. Thank you for sharing a bit of your soul.
    Small example of PS: A man is sitting on a plane while flying to Toronto. Every ten seconds he hears a shrill laugh and his seat jumps forward as the girl behind him kicks his seat. After five minutes of silent fuming at the girl and her father, who has barely tried to quiet her, he turns around to scold the girl once and for all. To his surprise he sees the girl has Down Syndrome and kicks his seat involuntarily every moment or so. He closes his mouth and his eyebrows soften. His perspective changes completely. He just experienced a paradigm shift.

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