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If a foreign government killed your innocent family would you seek revenge?

Are we creating terrorists by killing innocent people?


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  • Jul 25 2013: If I was to say yes to, "If a foreign government killed your innocent family would you seek revenge?"

    Then I'd feel somewhat obliged to make it on a scale that few would ever forget. Only because then people might just realize that if they were to do it again, they might not want the same consequences repeated. As by just targeting a president or military leader, does not change society, and you can see that with the use of drones in the previous and current American administrations.

    Or one might see oneself as actively supporting any organization that would take action.

    I think one's actions maybe predicated the the fact, was one the sole survivor?

    If I was to say no, I suppose one could say it was god's will, and hopefully they were now in a better place. That, depending on the strength of one's faith, might take some time.

    As to "Are we creating terrorists by killing innocent people", the answer has to be yes (qualified below). But understand that does not have to be, nor imply, it's the family member who becomes one. It might well be the justification for other to take up the cause and use the death of an innocent as a rallying point.

    Further is the perspective that says if an innocent person was killed, then the one who did the killing is the terrorist, so the 2nd question might need be phrased differently.
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      Jul 25 2013: RE: "Can America justify. . . " . If you want to publish your beliefs that the US is guilty of everything you care to mention may I suggest you start your own conversation with that specific headline. Give people a choice about joining or not. But don't hijack this conversation. I would not respond to such a post and you are amiss to derail this conversation to pursue your agenda. Thank you, and welcome to TED Conversations.
      • Jul 27 2013: It does belong here. My only agenda is Truth. That you dont want to hear it is simply put - irrelevant.

        Further, to simply say someone can only be a "terrorist" who puts on a suicide vest, is again a vast oversimplification of what constitutes terrorism and why both individuals and governments use it.

        My comments were and are about a regime that has long pursued terrorism, just as other countries have, and to not include it as a legitimate example of why people may retaliate against that, their logic in doing so, is to only see "terrorism" as simply a narrow interpretation, from a media educed belief of what terrorism is. ie an Islamic with a bomb.

        Also the question starts with - "foreign government killed your innocent family", of which I am giving clear and present examples, you might not want to believe them, you might not want to accept them, you might want to wish they never existed, but history proves each one of them happened, and there are alot more examples, from various empires throughout the ages.

        I have not at this point even touched on the other terrorism that exists today.... economic terrorism.

        And if you really want to understand whats behind people becoming terrorists, both governments and individuals, which is at the CORE of this question, then I'd suggest you look at my comments with fresh eyes and with an open mind.
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          Jul 27 2013: Why not post your own question? This post asks a question which has nothing to do with bashing America and soliciting sympathy for terrorism. By attaching your thoughts to this post you get more attention than you would if you posted separately with an honest, revealing headline stating your purpose. Title your post, "The USA is a terrorist nation!". You will attract more of the demographic you seek and close-minded people like me will not be tricked into reading your expressions. I have no issue with your agenda. The only reason we are having this dialog is that you jumped on your soapbox in the middle of another discussion. Take it to another post and let people choose whether to participate or not. By the way, I said nothing about suicide vests or about anyone or anything Islamic, those are your words. Your assessment of what I want, and do not want, to hear is ill-advised, inappropriate, and totally irrelevant. Thank you for your example of just how free we are in America to speak our minds. . . even to undermine the very source of the freedom.
      • Jul 27 2013: Go watch ... "the fog of war".

        go read.... http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/50985/george-c-herring/the-wrong-kind-of-loyalty-mcnamara-s-apology-for-vietnam

        .. and then ask yourself one simple question, if the only way the people had to fight american soldiers and Robert McNamara, was to use terrorism, you seemingly have the audacity to blame them for that too.

        If there is a god, I think he will have a hard time in forgiving what soldiers albeit pawns did to those innocent people.

        I wonder how many like McNamara, in that article, in his, book, in that film, that are still on this earth are looking for redemption, or have visited many a priest, confessional, or psychologist, from the guilt of causing so much pain and destruction to so many innocents.

        Maybe what those soldiers don't realize, pawn or no, prayers or no, god or no, like McNamara realized in his last moments - none is to be found.

        You live with what you do, man up and accept your complicity, blaming them is the cowards way out.

        God cannot drive men to do the things you have done, men drive themselves to do such things, you always have a choice, and thru that choice God may know the true heart of that man.
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          Jul 27 2013: Post your own question about your beliefs that the USA is a terrorist nation. Label it clearly so folks know your agenda. Then you will get, or not get, honest responses from folks who know what your motive is. Leave this coversation alone. Move your soapbox to another street corner, this one's taken. Honesty is the best policy. Thank you for the reference to The Fog of War. I've viewed it several times on public television and find it to be a lucid presentation of one side of a complex issue. Post your own conversation and call it, "Terrorists-- the Misunderstood Heroes."
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        Jul 28 2013: I do concur Edward and I thank you as I quickly leave this conversation.

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