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What is your thought in a young man and a lady live together before getting married?

Recently,I came across this question,struggling on whether or not choosing living with my girl friend.I need your insights or experiences, to help me out in this trial.


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    Jul 24 2013: You did not mention in your question how old you are, whether you are engaged, or why this seems to you the logic step at this time. Are you finished with school? Still in school? Working or still dependent financially on your parents?
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      Jul 25 2013: I am financially independent now,but we are not engaged,I won't hesitate if we are engaged.

      Tell you whole circumstance.My girlfriend and I live in different cities now,she's made her plan to move my city,where she is staying now is our hometown,we come from the same town,One thing that if she settled down at our hometown,we are impossible to carry on the relationship I reckon,cause I live in a city 250km away.There is no possibility if I going back,cause there is so few opportunity for us to pursue prosperity,

      Now,she is waiting for my agreement to let her come to my city, find a job,live with me. But I should mull all the possibilities and be responsible like a man.

      This is the situation,thank you for your questions and contribution.

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