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what do you think the theme of the world

China has many territorial disputes with other countries such as the Philippines japan and Vietnam .In china chinese think that the militarism inJapan will bring many problem in territorial disputes ,chinese don't want to see that china and japan turn against ,because we need peace to develop .deng xiao ping said that now The theme of the world is about peace and development

  • Jul 26 2013: Protections for human rights, worker rights, and prevention of the exploitation of children in the workforce would be good places to start. Agreements about export an import tarrifs, taxes and fees might be another thing to balance.
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      Jul 26 2013: how about the fair betwen developed countries and developing countries
      • Jul 26 2013: Define developed and fairness.

        Fairness is a level field of competition. The fact that some countries are further developed than other countries is a fact, but a competitive market bears no responsibility or tolerance for this fact. I think that as far as marketing resources or produce, the level of development might be balanced by transportation costs. The imbalance might also serve as motivation for continuing to develop in the areas needed to make them competitive.

        How to achieve fairness when countries are at differing stages of development is one factor among many that are concurrently balanced by world leaders at the United Nations Economic and Social council.

  • Jul 26 2013: Let us hope that this is the theme everyone actually follows, truly, not just with words. Remember also that Japan chose never to possess nuclear weapons even though they could easily build them. This makes China a far greater threat to them than Japan could ever be to China. Ever since world war 2 Japan has had problems getting men into its military because their terrible history makes it an almost unclean occupation. At the moment there are no real threats to world peace like there were say before world war 2: Nazi Germany and imperialist Japan. There are very few countries with the desire for expansion and power that these two countries possessed in the past. None have that combination of great military power and a desire to take from others. China just wants success, to be a great nation, Russia also and is too poor to build its military at the moment, the US loves to influence others, sometimes by force but not to invade and literally take over the country permanently like say the roman empire did. India wabts to be one of the greats but has too many problems of its own like poverty and the rest of the world really jusr want a peaceful world to get on with making money.
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      Jul 26 2013: Thanks for your commend you said that Japan chose never to possess nuclear weapons but china have nuclear weapons .It's a great threat to them ,but china also promised that won't be the first country to use nuclear weapons if Japan does't develop nuclear weapons they won't be attacked by nuclear weapons from china and recently Japan wants to amend the constitution ,I think it is a dangerous sigh ,what's more I want to say is that chinese don't have the ambiton to invade other countries while Japan always worries about that china will take action on them Ithink it's really unnecessary .chinese kown that we are in an age of develoing we need peace we very treasure peace you know we paid heaveliy in the world war Ⅱ
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    Jul 24 2013: I like it, the theme of the world is about peace and development.
  • Jul 24 2013: I agree that the theme of the world is to pursue peace and encourage development, but I think there are a few other themes as well.

    Two of them are protect human rights and fair economic competition.
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      Jul 26 2013: thanks for your commention and I have another question What means do you think should be took to make economic competition fair
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    Jul 24 2013: The Dragon has slept for a long time and it's only natural for it to be a bit frisky upon waking.
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      Jul 26 2013: Yean.I think China must can develop qukily but there still many problem to deal with such as food safe