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Why these talks are utterly one sided. Why don't we be allowed to hear the other side of the story.

All the talks of these kind are utterly one sided and there is no room for the answer or opinion of other side. Examples are not from the mainstream but the from the extremes.
Opinion are based on the media trials or propaganda from the opponents of wars. Why there is no effort of finding the truth and balancing the facts.
For example we always hear about the harsh laws ans punishments of different countries as compare to others but we never relate to effects and crime statistics to the same countries.
If one country has banned alcohol and one dis not then what are the effects on the domestic abuse or accidents due to drunk driving?
How many people are in prison in the country which impose some moral restrictions and one which does not?
What constitute healthy society? We talk about the healthy and self sustain environment but we never talk about the healthy and self sustain society.
It will be refreshing to hear some apposing ideas instead of one sided conversation which more look like propaganda.


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  • Apr 11 2011: He has a viewpoint, he is not presenting both sides, you are correct. That is what a viewpoint is. Are you saying that nowhere can you find the opposite viewpoint? the opposite viewpoint is everywhere, on Saturdays, Sundays, TV, 5 times a day toward Mecca, everywhere.
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      Apr 11 2011: Larry.............Do you think that people should punish one another ?

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