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We all agree that a human body is strong, but can a female as effective as a male in ground combat? If so then here lies a big can of worms.

I am not being sexiest in my mind, but to me a combatant should be a male. Females are very strong. Some of the US militaries best jet fighters are females. But things I have seen are, and have had to do have made females cringe at the thought.(Not all were war stories, but physical endurances accomplished (ie. enviroment, food, emotional fatigue)) So lets start should women be aloud to operate in a war zone with males? Okay simple right but here is the second part, if they are aloud to operate with males. How do you go about having special facilities(sleeping arangements, hygeine, medical, traiing, physical training) for females? Do you do away with the rights of both and make a universal standard for both men and women?!? Creating not equal sex equality or do you geraralize it all across the board. So please do me a favor and humor me. But also for you civilians out there, understand what you think is not what truely is. Ask questions and maybe you might get awe struck.

  • Jul 24 2013: I can actually relate some personal experience on the matter. I'm former military, and an Israeli--I've served with plenty of women in the military, though only a small fraction of those were active combatants (most women in the IDF do logistical support so that more men can be sent to the front lines).

    In general, military forces don't like to employ women due to several, very real issues in no particular order:
    1) a woman being captured by the enemy is simply more messy. Its bad press enough when a male gets captured, and its even worse when its a woman due to social connotations, and whether or not the poor girl is raped.
    2) social conditioning. While I know plenty of tough women, the vast majority of them simply aren't, at least not in the sense required from a fighting unit. This is typically circumvented by selecting them more carefully, but in the end leaves you with less recruits.
    3) physical limit. This is the reason all the Olympic swimmers and runners are tall, and all the gymnastics are done by women who look light enough to float on air. At the higher levels, your body's physical structure holds you back. This is only really an issue for commando work, but its still there, which is why while some commando units have opened their gates for women to try out, even the few that go for it don't make it (granted, most men drop out as well, but a 90% dropout rate is very different from 100%).
    4) mixed units have more difficulty with sexual harassment.

    In general, women typically have little trouble serving aboard aircraft or ship, but in ground combat, they're usually limited by the reasons mentioned above.
    I know that in Israel, there are several mixed gender infantry units--and frankly, they're typically seen as second rate. Their job is to take over the more serious units' peacetime jobs when the more serious infantry are sent off to war.

    Women can take part in ground combat, but only to a limited extent.
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      Aug 3 2013: You have failed to mention that many forces refuse to surrender to a woman and will regain their weapons and fight to the death instead of surrendering as they started to.
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    Jul 24 2013: As a civilian, if I am ever invaded, I shall wish young good looking females attacking me.
    I don't want to sound sexist either, but I think females are more suited after males did all possible damage in ground combat - to mend, rebuild and rear generations averse to combat.
    • Jul 24 2013: I am a woman & have been in USAF. I agree with what Pabitra says.
  • Aug 7 2013: Personally, I'd rather not find out, but my guess is that they're pretty-darned close; especially if any/all rules were removed & dirty-fighting were employed.
    I have yet to hear of any elite female fighters, but I don't see the point in fidgeting about the 1% on either end of the scale.
    Also, war and warring abilities seems to be spreading out to a frighteningly-diverse degree; so-much-so, that I don't see much need in wondering about "ground troops," especially when you bring into the conversation the H.U.L.K., and the Big Dog, etc. etc. (Please don't even get started on "chatter.")
    As far as "special facilities" & such, I don't think there is too-much of a need; give them separate times to shower - places to sleep; of course.
    And understand that I have been awestruck - as well as thunderstruck, and dumbstruck - all thanks to one single, big, thesaurus! (lol)
    What I think is not what truely is?! (!?) ...What truly is? (Inquiring-minds want to know!) (I CAN handle the truth!)
  • Jul 26 2013: Some women are very strong, I've seen women working in construction, digging ditches and so on. But most women do not possess that sort of physical strength, however they do possess great stamina and persistence and if highly trained their lack of ordinary physical strength is compensated for. For example, a woman who is an aikido master could easily defeat and untrained man in combat. Also, a woman can easily perform any task not requiring physical strength, e.g flying a combat fighter aircraft although I cannot be sure of their ability to handle g forces and the like. Its possible a man's physical makeup could handle such stresses in a better way. I am of course ignoring all the while the inner state of mind of either man or woman. E.g. some men would be very upset to see women in combat as this is outside their idea of what a woman should be, they may then feel that they are no longer a man or that the women are no longer women. Such things can arise.
  • Jul 25 2013: Why not create more wars just for female combatants?
    Why are you so eager, willing and malleable to continue believing in and supporting war?
    Why not really work to end war?
    Why want to enlist more to do or die for foolish lies?
    Do women want to kill that badly? Do men want to kill that much? Still?
    Why? Who talked them into believing that kind of BS?

    Yes, females can be just as ground into meat as men can.

    How about, can people be allowed to not have to operate in a warring world, anywhere?

    Really changing the world for the better doesn't seem to be on anyone's agenda, not in a real way.
    • Jul 25 2013: There is a very simple explanation for this.
      The warmongers simply came along and killed the peaceful folk, and now the warmongers are in charge. Its been that way since the dawn of time.

      Way of the world.
      • Aug 7 2013: That seems a very hard viewpoint to counter; unless they then inbreed themselves out of the picture.
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    Jul 25 2013: Let no one be ignorant of this... the most deadly combatant is female.
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    Jul 24 2013: I don't have a military background but at my job we have something called an A-Team or Squad. The purpose of this squad is to respond to any emergency and gain control over the situation quickly. I would consider myself a pretty tough chick and can handle myself for the most part but the last thing I want to see when I'm in a dangerous situation is a female running into the mix of things. I'll feel obligated to protect her instead of worrying about myself. I much prefer to see a large statured intimidating looking man charging in. Generally speaking I'm one of those women who feels that a woman can do anything a man can do but better and backwards in highheels lol. However there are exceptions to every rule.

    As for being allowed...a woman makes her own decisions and should remain free to make her own decisions. The second you use the word allowed, well that just makes her want to do it more. :)
  • Jul 24 2013: I think strong mental can overcome physical limitation. I do not prefer a certain sex, but it has to be given that both women and men get equal chances for their decision making ( In this conversation, It could be some millitary problems)Most people say that men are more strong and have power than women. And it is quite true. But there are tasks which could be run more well when women take them. So, Balance against both sexs is essential for our society, I think. (^^ )
  • Jul 24 2013: Oh, and I've forgotten the old "the men serving with the woman will disobey orders to rescue her when she's wounded", but I personally don't think that's a major issue.
    I've seen military discipline overcome stronger urges--I think its just some excuse some army or another made once that stuck in the public perception somehow. I've always seen the other issues I've listed as more severe.