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A device that can display memories or ideas from brain signals into a digital video or image

If sensors are discovered that can pick up intense brain waves or memories to extract images or video of memory from brain, we can reconnect with ideas or memories that are hard to explain in fading with time.

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    Aug 21 2013: Imagine what the police or an intelligence interrogator could do with such a device!
  • Jul 24 2013: I don't necessarily mean a Telepathy device where someone can point, click, and know what any one person is thinking. The idea was more of sharing of information, ideas, memories.. restricting the boundaries for communication between people of the world.
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    Jul 24 2013: I shall not be close to such a device when I am reading Penthouse, no.
  • Jul 24 2013: Lol,I have been wondering with the question too.When I had Information Tech course to my students,I asked them predicting what computers can do in the the furture.One of students mentioned:future computer will can sense peole's thinking and ideas directly,then as long as people's brain still working, we all means be alive and been contributed to the society.

    Meanwhile I suddenly have an idea:then how people keep their secrets?Lol,and how those bad guys hide their nasty thoughts?WWWOOOO....what will be in the future...
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    Jul 24 2013: Memories are stored as chemicals or new nerve connections.

    If can be picked up ,we can extract images and sound. If it can be picked up...

    Will have multiple use in medicine and forensic science.
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    Jul 23 2013: A faded memory could not be rebuild, as it can not be 'visualized' whats not there anymore.

    Do you think this technology could be misused?