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Parenting gifted children, from toddlers to teens

As a parent of a gifted child, my child has had many teachers, good and bad.

But raising a strong, resilient gifted child needs more than that. A child needs a stimulating, supportive environment to grow, learn, develop and eventually, lead. Yes, all children need this, but I think ours, with the capacity to be future leaders of the next generation, need it even more.

And as parents - we need to learn and share with each other. I


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  • Jul 23 2013: The goal of my meetup/blog/FB page was ultimately to have a support group in Toronto, for parents, as none exist.

    My son is sharp, but not profoundly gifted - as that would entail a whole new set of challenges.

    At the end of the day, although I can always learn more, we have learnt, through trial and error, how to parent our gifted child (who is 12, going on 40!). But I hope to be a resource for parents of younger chidlren too, especially since the gifted program in our city doesn't begin until grade 4, with parents left on their own for many years before.

    I don't plan on being an advocate for gfited education, as ABC (association for bright children) covers that.

    I need to spend some more time on Hoagies - like all of us, trying to juggle work and everything else!

    Thank you for your continued feedback. Sincerely, Barb

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