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Parenting gifted children, from toddlers to teens

As a parent of a gifted child, my child has had many teachers, good and bad.

But raising a strong, resilient gifted child needs more than that. A child needs a stimulating, supportive environment to grow, learn, develop and eventually, lead. Yes, all children need this, but I think ours, with the capacity to be future leaders of the next generation, need it even more.

And as parents - we need to learn and share with each other. I


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  • Jul 23 2013: HI Mary:

    I just started a support group in Toronto for parents of gifted kids. So I will give you a link to my blog, which answers your question.

    We live in Toronto, so he is in a gifted program, which I think is like the magnet program in the US. He takes chess ad math weekly and was the top scorer in several contests this past year. He is currently at day camp (space, then tech) and as a top scorer in the Math League, will be going to Stanford in a few weeks (very exciting).


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      Jul 23 2013: Can't wait to visit your blog.....thanks!!
      I'm a teacher by the way....

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