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Parenting gifted children, from toddlers to teens

As a parent of a gifted child, my child has had many teachers, good and bad.

But raising a strong, resilient gifted child needs more than that. A child needs a stimulating, supportive environment to grow, learn, develop and eventually, lead. Yes, all children need this, but I think ours, with the capacity to be future leaders of the next generation, need it even more.

And as parents - we need to learn and share with each other. I


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    Jul 23 2013: What are you looking for? There are a huge number of excellent resources in this area. One is the National Association for Gifted Children. I cannot remember the names of their two publications. One is, I think, Gifted Child Quarterly. Another is the Handbook of Gifted Education, with papers by leading researchers in this field about best practices. Johns Hopkins, William and Mary, and Stanford all have well known centers for research and practice in this area.

    Generally speaking the ERIC Clearinghouse is a good place to find articles by scholars and teacher researchers about educational matters, curriculum and pedagogy.

    I think many more people have the capacity to be future leaders of the next generation than those who are identified as academically gifted. Aspects of character, for example, are likely of paramount importance .
    • Jul 23 2013: Fritzie:

      Thank you for your detailed note. And yes, I am aware that there are many resources, including NAGC and Hoagies. But as a parent, and not an educator, I often find the research overwhelming.

      I see that I may not have been clear in my intent, but I am hoping to start the conversation about being a parent of a gifted child - and include some great resources along the way - but to offer support, mentoring and dialogue. I know my child is stimulated at school, and there is so much more available, but I'm never sure if we are on the right path, or what other opportunities are available. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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        Jul 23 2013: Have you looked at all specifically at forums for parents of gifted kids to discuss parenting and educational issues pertinent to gifted children?

        I think you will find more people with expertise in that subject on such a forum than you will here.

        I happen to be a specialist in this area and will look for potentially useful forums. There is one for parents of profoundly gifted, but most gifted kids do not have as specialized needs as that. Do you use any of the forums Hoagies suggests?

        How old is your son?

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