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The continues speed at which our galaxies are travelling ( as reported, 220 K.M. per second, caused by the BIG BANG) is causing gravity.

This Gravity is the effect of speed at which we are travelling. Hence the effect of BIG BANG, which caused the movement (speed) & the travel (distance) is the mother of light, time & gravity


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  • Aug 22 2013: Paul Lillebo 10+ Thanks Paul
    But perhaps if the household toilet bowl were in a Boeing 747 at say 40,000 feet?
    Using a small volume Coriolis flow-meter to validate the direction of the deflection,
    unaffected by viscosity, density or pressure changes, it can be used in both
    hemispheres, and validates most urban myths as was shown in Ripley's Believe it
    or Not.

    Technology sometimes passes by Wikipedia, with more imagination than is needed.
    Toot Toot
    • Aug 23 2013: The direction of the water flow described can not be concluded as any evidence for the study as, in 40k ft the liquid flow cannot be termed as different at equator or any of the hemisphere for any study
      • Aug 23 2013: I would love to continue this inane conversation Rakesh
        as it is a great deal of fun. But I am only pulling your leg
        a bit. lol

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