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The continues speed at which our galaxies are travelling ( as reported, 220 K.M. per second, caused by the BIG BANG) is causing gravity.

This Gravity is the effect of speed at which we are travelling. Hence the effect of BIG BANG, which caused the movement (speed) & the travel (distance) is the mother of light, time & gravity


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  • Jul 28 2013: Some small query's, ..
    Why do toilet water's when flushed above the equator turn opposite to those flushed belowr?
    Is it an effect of gravity?
    Is it an effect of something else, that has been created or started or affected by gravity?
    Is it an effect created upon circumstance?
    Can circumstance affect light, time & gravity?
    What can affect light, time & gravity?

    Can the magnetic depression below India, down in the Indian Ocean, affect these?

    Can Anything Earthbound have an affect on these?
    Is anything in space including humans and spacecraft having any affect on these?
    • Jul 30 2013: Would like to have some more information about the toilet water flushing

      1. Do the toilet seat of the same make when this was observed, at different places ??
      • Jul 30 2013: RAKESH DWIVEDI

        This phenomena is observable throughout the world.

        Most "Flush Toilets" fill the bowel with water to about 1/3.
        When flushed the water rushes out under the pressure of
        incoming water from the toilet's tank sitting above the toilet.

        Is then Gravity used to accomplish this action?

        In the northern hemisphere water in the bowel, when flushed,
        to empty, turns in a circuitous move to the right. As the hemisphere's
        get closer together, the circuitous movements slow and have stopped
        at the equator, flushing directly downward, only to reverse direction in the
        southern hemisphere.
        Many geographical governments throughout the world have
        not supplied their citizens with access to "Flush Toilets".
        ...Governments want the same thing. Everything for themselves.
        So their peoples tend to lose out on the basics. A terrible thing indeed.

        Sorry, my politics seem to override everything I write.
        I only want a better world for everyone.
        I don't think Gravity can help that wish.
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      Aug 22 2013: The idea that water in a bowl is affected by the Earth's rotation is an "urban myth". This effect (Coriolis effect) is only felt over very large areas, like hurricanes and ocean currents. Wikipedia has a note on this at this link:
      • Aug 22 2013: Paul Lillebo

        The direction of deflection from the Coriolis effect
        depends on the object’s position on Earth.

        In the Northern Hemisphere, objects deflect to the right while
        in the Southern Hemisphere they deflect to the left.

        I suppose using the toilet to ascertain the right and left
        movements in either hemisphere would be the best way
        to judge, or maybe taking a poll of willing participants to
        get the majority opinion?
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          Aug 22 2013: Yes, Frank, the deflection of a freely moving object due to Coriolis (the Earth's spin) does depend on its distance from the equator, and yes, you're quite right about the direction of the deflection. But its effect can't be seen in spaces as small as a toilet bowl. That's just an old myth. The direction of the bowl's drainage circulation has nothing to do with its location on the Earth.
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          Aug 23 2013: The toilet bowl is the worse example of coriolis force. In the northern hemisphere Low atmospheric pressure flows counterclockwise. In the Southern hemisphere it flows clockwise.

          Toilet bowls are not made accurately to lab testing coriolis. There are many many factors going against the coriolis force to overcome this natural tendency. The water has to sit STILL in a round bowl and plug removed from the lowest point of the bowl with out any disturbance of the water before removing the plug. If in the northern hemisphere the low pressure flow will be counterclockwise. The water will circulate counterclockwise down the hole every time in the northern hemisphere.

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