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Reject any GMOs

GMOs are not a natural adaptation. They have created a new organism that is not natural, normal, or works in unison with the body. It was developed not for better food, more food, better nutrition, but for better profits. Buy the seeds yearly, no saving seeds, have sliced products into the DNA so the bugs, weeds, etc. don't affect the growth.
This is scary stuff when you realize 98% of soybeans, 90% of corn, 90% of sugar beets are GMO. Look at the obesity rates, they correlate to the rise of GMO. Mainly because they do not provide the nutrients that we need to the cellular level. The jury is in and the conclusion is simple, it is not better for us, yet congress just let Monsanto avoid the FDA to get their products quicker to market. Money talks. There is no lack of blindly following ignorance on this issue.

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    Jul 24 2013: Let's do this again. Please look up mutagenics. Wikipaedia will do. You can't avoid eating GMOs as most grain crops have been at least partially "GMed" since the 1950s.
    As an aside, I assume you are a US citizen by the fact that you mention Monsanto and the FDA. It may surprise you to find out that most of the rest of the world pretty much ignores the FDA. Here in Australia for example the safety of GMOs must be tested by the CSIRO which is a government funded research group over which Monsanto has no influence. Also did it ever occur to you that the EUs attitude to GMOs has more to do with keeping Monsanto out for economic reasons than it does safety concerns.
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    Jul 31 2013: cow is not natural. wheat is not natural. medicine is not natural. a bridge is not natural. clothing is not natural. rejecting something because it is not natural makes exactly as much sense as wanting to go back to the stone age.

    regarding GMOs, the spectrum is so wide, it is simply not a basis of rejection either. it is like rejecting food additives. food additive can be baking soda. can be turmeric. can be beet root juice. and can be, on the other hand, preservative or artificial sweetener with known dangers. these are so utterly different, one can not reject them as a whole. you have to consider them one by one. similarly, GM is such a broad category, nothing can be said in general.

    that said, i respect your right not to consume GM food. i oppose any legislation that allows companies to sell GM containing food as GM-free. this is fraud, and should be treated as such.
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    Jul 24 2013: Well, Mossanto have withdrawn from Europe since it has been found that their system is not superior but neither has it been found to be inferior.
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    Jul 24 2013: GMOs are to serve us. They may not be the cause of obesity and morbidity.

    Its the problem of plenty.
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    Jul 23 2013: Sorry, I reject your GMO alarmism along with your preposterous claims. GMOs are safe for human consumption and the environment.
    • Jul 23 2013: Any thoughts on the extreme rise in obesity ( not just overweight) in the last 20 years? How about the number of digestive and stomach issues over the last 20 years? The mechanism for corn GMOs as a pesticide is the explosion of the intestines of the insects. Any reason the Europeans have rejected GMO and have made them illegal? Why are so many states and people trying to get GMOs on food label? These effort I think are only for the safety of the human body.
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        Jul 23 2013: Please link to reputable evidence of those claims.
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        Jul 24 2013: .

        Yes! I agree with you.

        Today, no GMOs can be verified that meeting the human ultra-high accurate requirements
        formed during more than million years' bio-evolution.
      • Jul 25 2013: 1. The extreme obesity is due to many factors, none of them GMOs.
        2. There has always been lots of digestive and stomach issues. Lots of stress can be a at the root of many cases. In case you did not know, stress has increased in our societies quite a bit.
        3. False. It is cell lysis. But who cares. The important thing is this: the endotoxin is harmless for us.
        4. The europeans have rejected GMOs because of misinformation and ignorance.
        5. So many people are trying to label GMOs because they listen to sensationalist propaganda against GMOs.
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      Jul 23 2013: 'Please link to reputable evidence of YOUR claims' which are neither conducted nor financed by the profiting industry, directly or indirectly, and based on long term data gained in 'nature like' yet sealed environments.

      As much as I know, the Eden project failed in creating an encapsulated, self-contained biosphere, so I am very curious about your evidence, which would then have to contain successful ones for a proper investigation of hazardous environmental impacts and side effects, as well as long term generational studies on humans ...
  • Aug 4 2013: Interesting discussion.
  • Aug 1 2013: Non GM foods, a fraud, cow and wheat not natural. Let's be kind and say we really disagree. As far as food additives, it is not real ingredients you add to food, but the up to 80 different ingredients that are in your hamburger at a fast food chain.
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    Jul 31 2013: I am curious. These GMO conversations come up a lot. They seem to revolve around Monsanto and the FDA. All sorts of nutritional claims are made with and without any source. I can understand that some people could be concerned about GMO foods. I think they are mostly grain crops. So, they should avoid them. It's already been noted that most commercial products contain GMOs. No one I know of anyone in the USA is forced top buy anything. I don't buy beets. Everything said about GMOs, I say about beets. You can take my word about beets or not. I said it and that's it. If I don't buy beets,
    neither do antiGMO people have to buy GMOs foods.
    • Jul 31 2013: We have the right to eat what we want. More information is always useful. By the way if you eat packaged products that have sugar, then you eat beets ( sugar beets big GMO). Tilapia, beef, chicken, pork, and most farm raised fish are feed GMOs. The best way to avoid these products is organic veggies, free range meats, non-farm raised fish, as well as cook at home as much as possible. Then again it sounds like your happy with your food selections with GMOs.
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        Jul 31 2013: Absolutely, you have a right to eat want. Me too! And I eat mostly home cooked meals and I don't use many processed foods , except maybe canned beans and tomatoes.
        What I am trying say that if GMOers keep yelling off the roof tops with these redundant warnings, you turn people off.... read that old Russian fable about the boy who cried wolf.
  • Jul 31 2013: From a Gossip Prospective only --
    Are Monsanto seeds producing crops and sterile seeds, requiring the farmer to repurchase every year?
  • Jul 23 2013: A good source is Sometimes you need to get the concept and connect the dots.
    • Jul 25 2013: It takes reading a few lines from mercola to notice that it, mercola, is pure and unadulterated propaganda.
  • Jul 23 2013: One of the good resources is Most of these organisms have not been allowed in Europe for years. The best information and research will not be funded by the industry that is making the profits.
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    Jul 23 2013: Sharing the best scientific research on the question would be useful, if you have that at hand.