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Do we human have souls like religious texts prophesy? This is a question for religious people and atheists alike.

For long, it has been a question amongst us human beings whether a soul exists for human beings or not. This has mostly been highlighted in religious texts from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism to name a few.

When people say that they have been spiritually possessed or guided, it is assumed to be through one's soul? Atheists may not agree to this thought, to which I would like to ask where does the energy embodied in a human being go when he/she dies? This can be referred to the fact that the energy in the universe is a constant?

I would like a rounded view on this subject as to get a better idea as to what we should or should not believe.

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Closing Statement from Paul Mathew

All in all. It was a great conversation. Thanks to everyone for their respective views and theories.

I have concluded that, there is a soul indeed for every human being and it has been described in various forms. Regardless of different views, we humans live and die by it and all our emotions and the way we live is governed by it.

Let it continue to be so.

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    Jul 24 2013: I don't think so. We have a consciousness certainly—which is a very interesting aspect of nature— but I don't believe that my consciousness did exist before or will exist after my life.
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      Jul 25 2013: Ok, say ur consciousness arose from the body u are living in. How does it make your body make you feel? Consciousness cant make you cry, laugh, sulk etc. It can lead you to these things but it is not what makes you feel.

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