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Detroit's recent file for bankruptcy: a possible look into the future of what could happen to other cities here in the U.S.

Detroit just recently filed for bankruptcy, if you did not already know. The city was once a economically thriving city. The city's booming auto industry kept that city afloat since its birth. However, the auto industry here in the U.S. has saw drastically declined; we recently saw that with through GM. Labor costs here in the U.S. have pushed companies to international grounds.

Could we possible see other U.S. city's crumble because of off shore labor?
Also, what can we learn from Detroit's file for bankruptcy?


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    Aug 4 2013: To say it's natures way, is cute, but ridiculous. Detroit is failing for the same reasons cities, around the country, and world are failing.That is (ORGANIZED CRIME). I'm not talking about a bunch of thugs at pizza joint, shaking down local businesses for protection money, although Detroit had plenty of that. I'm talking about big time organized crime.Thugs come in all sizes.The Godfather is an old fashioned picture of things as they were in the twentieth century.That's a fantasy nowadays, very quaint. The Unions didn't desiign those gas hog cars, and trucks that burn enough fuel to power an aircraft carrier. It was the (Corporartions) that made all the design, and marketing decisions. They completely ignored obvious international trends since the oil embargo of the 1970s. Because of high profit in the domestic market for these gas hogs, they ignored trends, and were slaughtered as result in international sales. Furthermore there's a mountain of evidence that the (oil industry) played a major roll in convincing the auto makers to force those gas hog brands down our throats.They proceeded to pump up the American brainwashed males that their manhood would be in question if they didn't drive a Ford F250, or Dodge ram big eneough to tow a freight train to the local bar for beers after work. Detroit is failing because a corrupt congress not only allowed outsourcing to foreign factories, but actually encouraged it because, they were handsomely paid off to do so. The major investors, The big boys, the top executives, and the insider traders on Wall Street cashed in before taking "deliberate" steps to commit fraud, and destroy unions which has always been their goal. They leave the American taxpayer with the mess. The auto industry is doing fine now because of the American tax payer. They should be forced to repair the criminal damage they deliberately caused in persuit of unmittigated, despicable, corporate greed, and the corruption they caused in local governments.
    • Aug 6 2013: That covers much of it but don't forget the owners of us auto industry bought into japan-korea-china big.
      They created overseas jobs, product, etc to undermine usa workers, meanwhile gaining powerful influence over foreign governments, etc

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