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We need to learn respect

I dislike it when I hear comments like THAT IS A DUMB question! Are we so arrogant that we think we are soooooooooooo superior to other people?
I need to remind these superior people that we all have strong points and weak points!
My mum always told me ask questions!!!

How many of us have witnessed people who have not asked dumb questions for fear of embarrassing themselves?
Golly I have asked many dumb questions, but then I have not made many STUPID mistakes )))

We do not have to agree with others, BUT this is our opportunity to ask why. and either teach or learn.

No matter what our judgement of people we owe everyone the respect of listening to them!
If we choose to not listen then one day we will miss a real gem!

EVEN the least gifted people will come up with a real winner, but if we are so ignorant and arrogant that we choose to not waste our PRECIOUS time listening and helping then WE ARE THE LOOSER... AND we miss out on the nice feeling we get when we help others. I could carry on here by bragging about all my numbers, BUT things like that IMPRESS nobody....
When we GIVE our time to help others we are the real winners... not the people we have helped! Sooooooooooooo PLEASE refrain from negative attitudes............. BE GRATEFUL that you are able to help. IF you can't think of anything nice to say... SAY NOTHING!
I love for people to prove me wrong... that means I have learned something, and that is very good)
To quote JFK think not what is in it for me, but what can I do to help).. OK it is your turn now)))

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Closing Statement from Rod Spurr

well personally I do no label questions dumb... I used this expression to express the perception of many people... I totally agree with you..if you read between the lines you will realize that is what I was saying... maybe people need to remember that when we belittle others we are actually putting ourselves down ))) THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS... THERE ARE ONLY DUMB REACTIONS BY PEOPLE WHO RESPOND BY SAYING "THAT IS A DUMB QUESTION"
One of my favourite people in history Eleanore Roosevelt always said "if you cannot think of anything nice to say, say nothing" ))) I think it the duty of those who show more wisdom to respond to these people who delight in rubbishing others by saying that is unfair, and ask why do you say that?
Asking questions is how we clarify in our minds what the truth or intent of information we have been presented with. Asking questions is the ultimate way we can learn))) If others have a problem with our question then it is their problem not our problem....

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    Jul 24 2013: Every thought is neutral,

    we attach meanings to it according to our own out look and experience.

    The least evolved and least learned person will find some ideas dumbest.

    The most evolved person knows this fact that nothing is greatest or dumbest, every thought is neutral and we attach meanings to it.

    Actually every thing in this world is neutral. To a sage or an animal there is not much difference between gold nugget and stone.

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