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In a book called Readicide, author Kelly Gallagher discusses how schools are killing recreational reading. Kelly a 28 year teacher states that school have become to test driven that the focus on life long readers has been lost. She agrees that it is necessary to teach to read academically but if that is all they do they will burn out.

In our school books are color coded. To get reading credit you must read from your color. By reading what you enjoy you receive no credit. My son was reading from a list above his assigned color and was not given credit. From then on both us as parents and the teacher had to force him to lower his reading standard and return to the list. From then on he read at home but never again from the "required list". The school refused to work with us. They would rather see him fail the reading requirement that to let him read above his level or as we suggested pre-approved books.

Are these examples of readicide .... do you have any thoughts, experiences, or suggestions on her book or theory.

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    Jul 25 2013: That teacher needs to be reprimanded and the curriculum dropped!
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    Jul 24 2013: Reading becomes recreation if we love and enjoy the subject.

    When we love the subject, we tend to read more and know all about the subject.

    When we know the subject thoroughly we can use this knowledge to make it our profession and a source of income. It is great to love your work

    Some times this process gives birth to a geneous in the subject.

    Recreational reading should be promoted.
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    Jul 24 2013: How about a reading curriculum that will beat to death the experience of reading a good book? I have 3 children that traveled through the 12 year public education system. They are assigned a book to read which they did enjoyed. Now You must write a report speaking to a particular question, ok. Next, you are to sight particular passages that support your response to the question, again ok. Next you are to be prepared to participate in a class debate again supporting your stance. NEXT you take an essay test ......need I gone on? Not only has one killed any enjoy and enthusiasm found in simply reading a good book, the next reading assignment brings dread !
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    Jul 24 2013: Is the color-coding simply a choice-limiting mechanism used to direct students to targeted books (we used to call it Required Reading)? Or, is it being used to prevent students from reading above, or below, the specified skill level. There is a difference in the two scenarios. The former is simply a Rube Goldberg way of publishing the Approved/Required Reading List for each grade level. The latter is an inexcusable, grievous restraint of enthusiasm.
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    Jul 23 2013: This issue was raised when the Readers Workshop program became a ubiquitous pedagogy. Specifically, many people thought some children were too young to need to read every book with sticky notes in hand to note particular aspects of the narrative.

    I hope some members of our community will be familiar with the research on the success of different reading pedagogies in promoting life-long reading.