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In a book called Readicide, author Kelly Gallagher discusses how schools are killing recreational reading. Kelly a 28 year teacher states that school have become to test driven that the focus on life long readers has been lost. She agrees that it is necessary to teach to read academically but if that is all they do they will burn out.

In our school books are color coded. To get reading credit you must read from your color. By reading what you enjoy you receive no credit. My son was reading from a list above his assigned color and was not given credit. From then on both us as parents and the teacher had to force him to lower his reading standard and return to the list. From then on he read at home but never again from the "required list". The school refused to work with us. They would rather see him fail the reading requirement that to let him read above his level or as we suggested pre-approved books.

Are these examples of readicide .... do you have any thoughts, experiences, or suggestions on her book or theory.


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