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To what extent can an idea be unique?

Are all ideas just the combination of known principles or trial and error? Examples and peronal experiences are good as well as just opinions. This question could be expanded to any thought at all, not just ideas. If there is a thought that is almost entirely unique, there can't be any previous oppposite idea. What I mean is if an idea is the exact opposite of another it isn't really original. It just stated the opposite. If an entirely original idea can be made, how will it be formed?

I have some opinions currently, but I'm sure they'll change after your comments. Please ask me to expand or clarify if needed.


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  • Aug 19 2013: I believe we live in an ever expanding universe in all directions, if your mind is the center of your being you are boxed in an originality does not come to you that often and perhaps originality is common among like minded people all over the world. if you live from the heart you are ever expanding yourself, meaning as a consciousness you grow, but if you think and grow in already existing consciousness our the expanding consciousness of humans actually expands the universe is the question. is the grid of consciousness already their and does it expands on itself and makes the available thoughts also or does it only expand the grid only and we fill it up with thoughts. or perhaps their is no expansion but circles of growth followed by decline.

    I would say all of the universe is expanding and human consciousness contributes to it, but the amount we expand it compared to all expansion will be so little that when you have an overview over all expanding consciousness you will see it has so little that you can better say no influence.

    consciousness generates thoughts like most of you will know but I feel I have to mention.

    then Is there the question unique for a human being right now we are expanding but then the question is are we rising after a fall.

    this question makes you think but their can never be a conclusion without the oversight over all human consciousness, and if you make the question bigger all consciousness.

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