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To what extent can an idea be unique?

Are all ideas just the combination of known principles or trial and error? Examples and peronal experiences are good as well as just opinions. This question could be expanded to any thought at all, not just ideas. If there is a thought that is almost entirely unique, there can't be any previous oppposite idea. What I mean is if an idea is the exact opposite of another it isn't really original. It just stated the opposite. If an entirely original idea can be made, how will it be formed?

I have some opinions currently, but I'm sure they'll change after your comments. Please ask me to expand or clarify if needed.


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  • Aug 15 2013: All individual creatures are unique. The belief in "sameness" is a false product of defacto creationism. By defacto creationism I mean the belief in creation by god--not necessarily the Hebrew Bible story of it. We are not "created". We come into existence as a product of genetic compositing which produces a unique individual. We also are not limited generally by genetics to be of a limited intelligence. Our minds neuroplastically grow capacity based upon the individual meeting of challenges. In 1899 the US Patent Commissioner declared "everything that can be invented has been". That of course has proven to be utter nonsense. There will always be the struggle to do what no one else has ever done. And there is plenty left that no one has ever done.

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