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To what extent can an idea be unique?

Are all ideas just the combination of known principles or trial and error? Examples and peronal experiences are good as well as just opinions. This question could be expanded to any thought at all, not just ideas. If there is a thought that is almost entirely unique, there can't be any previous oppposite idea. What I mean is if an idea is the exact opposite of another it isn't really original. It just stated the opposite. If an entirely original idea can be made, how will it be formed?

I have some opinions currently, but I'm sure they'll change after your comments. Please ask me to expand or clarify if needed.


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  • Jul 25 2013: The most unique ideas lie in our imagination,there we can develop original ideas and if they are probable and their function is true,they can be actualized.
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      Jul 25 2013: And where do your unique ideas come from before they curl up in your imagination and begin to gestate?
      • Jul 25 2013: The soul, mind, or personality of a person which is our psyche and responsible for our thoughts and feelings.
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          Jul 25 2013: Thank you for that answer. I have another question. From where in the soul, mind or personality of a person which is our psyche and responsible for our thoughts and feelings do these unique ideas come from?
      • Jul 27 2013: According to Nobel Prize Winner Roger Sperry it's the right side of the brain.Hormones produced from glands in our endocrine system act as neurotransmitters,these nerve cells transmit information to receptors in our brain,they're made up of atoms and these atoms were created as a result of the Big Bang Theory or some other creation of the universe.I guess what ever created our universe would ultimately be responsible for where any idea unique or not comes from.
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          Jul 27 2013: Thank you. That explanation I can accept. The one you first made I could not. But now I have another question. Are you suggesting that uniqueness ultimately resides in the Big Bang?
      • Jul 27 2013: I'd say for anything to be,have been or become,it must first exist in some way and if the Big Bang is the reason that anything exists,has existed or will exist at all,then ultimately it is the creator of anything that ever was,is or will be.
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          Jul 28 2013: You know scientists are suggesting that there wasn't just the Big Bang, but multiple Bing Bangs, much in the same way that there used to be just our solar system and then other solar systems and then one galaxy and then other galaxies.
      • Jul 29 2013: That's an interesting theory Daniel,thanks,i'll have to do some reading on that.
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          Jul 29 2013: This probably isn't a very helpful suggestion, because I'm not positive as to who the TED speaker was, but I'm pretty sure it was Brian Greene that made mention of it with some graphics that definitely helped me picture just what in the hell he was talking about. If it wasn't him it was Brian Cox or Martin Amis. Not sure.

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